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  • Please consider adding the below capabilities:

    1. Support multiple pages by individual dial. i.e. 1 click on a dial opens multiple pages in multiple new tabs.

    2. Allow user to specify Group background image on a per Group basic.

    I fail to find any FireFox Quantum campatible "Speed Dial" add-ons that fulfills the above and it is the single reason I refuse to upgrade to Firefox Quantum or any future version.

    Without 1. as described above, yours is in fact a downgrade of what I am currently using (http://speeddial.uworks.net/) in term of efficiency.

    I really wish you will add the mentioned features.
  • Excellent, except compatibility issues with First Party Isolation.

    The thumbnail images are not shown and not able to successfully refresh them.

    When disabling First Party Isolation and restarting Firefox, then for 1 time images are shown. And then, again, there are no thumbnail images.

    Windows 10, any Firefox edition.

    Interesting... so it seems that the "First Party Isolation" will isolate whole add-on (not just the new tab) into a special container - so thumbnails needs to be created in both .
    This is different from "Firefox Multi-Account Containers" which isolates only a tab.

    Anyway, since whole add-on is running in in isolation, there is no way to access thumbnails from different "sandbox".
    The only way to fix this would be to replace the IndexedDB database used for thumbnails (which is being isolated) and replace it with normal storage. However I would have to add "Unlimited storage" permission (because thumbnails and backups usually takes more than 5MB of storage).
    This is a problem because ALL of my users will be prompted to agree with a new permission.

    So this is really bad.
    I can also see that it breaks the cloud synchronization which is using cookie - this is also very hard to fix.

    Anyway - as you can see, there is no easy solution.
    The only thing I could do is introduce some "Auto create all missing thumbnails" option that will help you create missing thumbnails when you enable/disable isolation.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Overall good. There are a couple of websites I wished thumbnails worked. https://www.cnn.com/ is blank white thumbnail. https://www.reuters.com/finance used to be okay except for images never rendered. Recently it became skewed with mostly white space. I'm not sure why it happens and I tried various settings in this add-on options, but nothing helped. Both sites thumbnail were okay in another speeddial add-on I had used so I guess this one is written differently. Overall, I like this speeddial better.

    Regarding white thumbnails - the default thumbnails generation method has problems with some pages, but I'm working on a new feature that will fix it by default. Until then, just use "Refresh by visiting page" reload from context menu and it will work. Also adding new page using context menu "Add this page to dial" will also work for all pages.

    Regarding "skewed with mostly white space" - could you send me the screenshot on my support e-mail?

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • When group dial is set as homepage, a lengthy url beginning with moz-extension is shown on homepage. This is a little bit annoying. This issue was not there when 'override home page' option was present.
    That option was there due to Firefox bug that got resolved in the meantime. So I removed it.
    However this should not affect the URL (I mean, it can, but you should be able to fix it easily).

    Just make sure your homepage URL ends with "/dial.html". If the URL matches the add-on URL exactly, it should be automatically cleared. You can get the correct URL from the Options page / first tab / first line.

    If this didn't help, please let me know to my support e-mail.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar
  • Великолепное дополнение от отзывчивого разработчика. Лучший менеджер панели быстрого доступа из испытанных на Firefox.
  • Addition organizes a powerful memory leak in FF57 && Win7-64 if you specify in the settings 'open a page with dials when you start FF'. In just a couple of minutes, almost 5 GB of RAM was occupied by FF. After disabling the add-on, the leak disappeared, after manipulating the settings I found an option in which the memory leak does not manifest.

    PS: The test was carried out with a clean installation of FF.

    Could you contact me to my support e-mail with more details? What version of my add-on are you using and could you describe the exact steps you made?
    So far nobody else reported memory leak. Also it's really hard to imagine there could be any.

    However I would like to point out that you are using unsupported Firefox version including old version of my add-on. Please upgrade to Firefox 60 ESR or current version 67, then you should be able to upgrade also my add-on to the latest version 13.7. This could help as well.

    Best regards,
    Juraj Mäsiar