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What would be a really good option to have, is if you could group similar tabs together by Primary domain, without sorting the entire bar by alphabetically by domain.

eg. If the first 2 tabs I open are from Sony.com , the tabs would group together by hostname, but if i open two new tabs from Amazon.com, they would still group together by domain, but remain in their location on the bar (last) without jumping to the left.

This would fix the issue of tabs moving around constantly as you open new sites.

Also, if grouped by primary domain only, this would stop them jumping around if I change from forum.sony.com to sony.com/download.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.4). 

Sort tabs by: last opened?

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But I will address what you said and I appreciate the review. Tabs are only sorted alphabetically if "Sort tabs by" is set to hostname. The *default* is "last opened", this may be just what you're looking for. Perhaps I should explain how grouping and sorting interact a little bit better.

If you have tab grouping enabled, then essentially either newly opened tabs are going to jump to where previous tabs from that domain are, or previous tabs from that domain are going to jump to the newly opened tab. It's set to the latter so that you don't say, "Hey! Where'd my tab go! Now I'm focused in a tab where suddenly everything around it is unfamiliar and irrelevant to my latest browsing. Where was I?" :)

If truly important I can add an option to make it go the other way (in my personal testing I was too often confused by it).

But as for what you requested, if I understand you correctly (perhaps not) it's been in there since release. :)

Please let me know if there's something I can do to address this and change your current opinion of my extension. ;p You can email me through the link in the sidebar on my blog: http://codeoptimism.net or leave me a suggestion on the support page: http://groupsorttabs.uservoice.com