Meet the Group/Sort Tabs Developer

Why was Group/Sort Tabs created?

Years ago I noted that I would appreciate a means to sort my browser tabs, and began developing "sort tabs by". A year or so after I realized I could do grouping as well, and combine them intelligently. I looked around for examples and noted Window Explorer's "Group by" and "Sort by" and thought, "just the type of basic integration I'm thinking of". Another year (or so) later and we have this version, with features I envisioned, and designed for easy extension.

It was a challenge because I had never created a Firefox extension before, nor worked much with JavaScript specifically, and never with XUL. Yet learning as I go is what I do :). I also secretly hoped such basically desirable features would drive some attention my way, so that I might use this as a stepping off point for introducing the public to my other projects, writing, and future endeavors of similar caliber on my blog. Go have a look! :D Finally, and this is a secret, it's part of my evil plan to make gazillions. >:D

What's next for Group/Sort Tabs

Next will be the little patches. 2.0.0 is frighteningly round. :) At some point I will want tooltips or such with the dates for day/session grouping, and I want to experience the engineered ease of adding additional sorts & groups. Some domain name handling perhaps. Ah, I think there may be some obnoxious scrolling effects to attend to (not of my creation, but my responsibility). This and that. I honestly expect just bug fixes for a while, I need a little break, you can see from the repository (check extension's "About" page) that I've been going strong for quite a while.

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Christopher Galpin
User since August 3, 2007
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
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