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  • good
  • Very convenient, have loved it for years and is the first addon I get whenever I reinstall firefox.
  • I was elated to run across Groowe, as a potential replacement for *both* the Firefox search bar and Googlebar Lite, which I'd enjoyed using for many years. The deal killer for me was that Groowe can be accessed only via the mouse. Googlebar Lite offers essentially the same functions, only within Google, of course--and can be accessed via a keyboard shortcut.

    My disappointment was only exacerbated when despite a prominent Contact link on the author's website, my inquiry regarding the above was completely ignored.

    If you don't mind the mouse-only access, you may want to give Groowe a try. Otherwise consider using Googlebar Lite together with Firefox's search bar.
  • Très bien. Serait vraiment excellent si l'on pouvait ajouter ses moteurs préférés, comme Ecosia, par exemple.
  • Tried this to replace old googlebar which works but has some features impaired in new versions of FF. Like googlebar lite, this lacks a key feature for me..my local search..where I put my address into search preferences and it does a map search for say, "paint stores" in my local area...far more convenient than non-localized map search. Also...froogle is gone...so updating google shopping needed. I'm glad this is offered as an option, but I'm not keeping it at this time.
  • All is good, but It cannot add the whole new search engine by user self.
    For example, baidu popular in China
  • Amazing replacement for google bar without the translator annoyances. In fact, better than google bar.
    Only lacks form auto fill.
  • Podría haber sido muy buena si permitiera colocar botones en el lado derecho de la barra, acortando la longitud de ésta, como permitía la de Google, y es que para poner botones nuevos hay que usar otra barra, con la consiguiente pérdida de espacio a la hora de visualizar las páginas de inernet. A mí lo que realmente me interesa es poder tener a la vista el botón de Google, que queda muy bonito.
  • I dearly love this addon and is one of the first that I install. I have been using it for years now without a problem. I would give it 5 stars but for one thing. The ability to be able to make new searches for this via the login has now gone. Please reinstate this very useful feature so that I and others can expand it's super usefullness further by being able to add our own searches
  • I've been seeing the need for this for a long time. Googlebar Light is great, but I hate being tied to one search engine.

    The current version has issues. I should report them on the web site, but, well, that's the first issue:

    -- The official web site is a mess, with broken links, and no feedback forum. And pages that link directly from the toolbar give a 404!
    -- The thing installs with a blatant ad for Amazon.com. You can turn it off, but it's still inappropriate.
    -- Some buttons are managed through the usual customize wizard, others are toggled on and off by options. Confusing.
    -- Search text buttons are the main reason I use a toolbar rather than FF's own search widget. The traditional implementation, where each search term becomes a page-search button, is simple and effective. Groowe, alas, uses a drop-down menu. That's more complication than I care to deal with.
    -- The idea of automatically changing search engines when you enter that engine's web site makes no sense to me. The whole idea of a search toolbar is to allow you to perform a search *without* the extra step of going to a web site. Maybe it makes more sense to some users, but the feature still needs to be optional.

    Despite my carping, I see the basis of a really great toolbar here. I look forward to seeing how it evolves. It wouldn't take a lot of improvement to make me switch.
  • I'd like to add another 5 star rating. I love this toolbar, I have noticed something that makes me smile. It still shows a Froogle choice when it's name changed about 2 years ago. Rather than being a problem I still think of the Google Product Search as Froogle so it's actually a plus.
    Why a simple catchy one word name is changed to a long three word one is beyond
    me. Perhaps the developer feels the same.
  • Great addon, who said toolbars are dead? :P

    Love it, been using it since [almost] day 1.

    There is one change that I'd like though, could you please point the 'Email' link on the Google toolbar to;

    Thanks in advance
  • Excellent add-on. I search multiple search sites with just one click.
  • I have been using this from day one... By default I have Groowe Toolbar set to Yahoo Toolbar which allows me to have Yahoo Search at my fingertips.. There is also a Yahoo Mail Button which I use to access my Yahoo Mail with just a click... Then when I want to access my Gmail, Groowe allows me to switch to Google Toolbar with just two clicks... where there is a Gmail Button.. Very convenient!
  • Nothing can beat Google toolbar for firefox. I tried all else and retain Google. Add on Optimize Google is an advantage.
  • The only search toolbar you need.
  • This is an awesome extension! I use it every day, and the fact that they are spawning new toolbars like Wolfram|Alpha, YouTUBE, AjaxRain and AllTheWeb makes this my unique source for search in Firefox.
    I have a suggestion: please include options to use the localized version of search engines, e.g. www.google.com.co, es.wikipedia.org, etc.
    Thanks for this excellent extension.
  • Quick access to a lot of function, very practical even if I don't use them all.
  • I like the facilities offered by this add-on but it fails miserably in that, like so many add-ons, it assumes that there is nowhere else in the world except the US!
    When I select shopping I don't want prices in U.S. dollars and outside my country. There are MANY variations of Google e.g. .co.uk, /dk, .pl, .ru, .com.au, .nl, .fr, .ie, etc. etc. and there are other Amazons etc.. So WHY this massive bias to the U.S. ? !!!
  • I like the facilities offered by this add-on but it fails miserably in that, like so many add-ons, it assumes that there is nowhere else in the world except the US!
    When I select shopping I don't want prices in U.S. dollars and outside my country. There are MANY variations of Google e.g. .co.uk, /dk, .pl, .ru, .com.au, .nl, .fr, .ie, etc. etc. and there are other Amazons etc.. So WHY this massive bias to the U.S. ? !!!
  • Das Tool ist zu kompliziert. Zu viele Toolbars bei einem Add-On. Zu wenig individuell konfigurierbar.
  • good easy to use
  • This is one of the best Firefox extensions I've ever used, and I think that it's a shame no one has reviewed it yet. Being able to switch searches and access multiple tools at once is a great for doing research. Thank you for creating such an awesome toolbar. I would also like to let you know that the Firefox Addons toolbar doesn't work.
  • Right now it's taking up precious real estate. Anyone know how to merge all the existing toolbars in one's browser into Groowe. I don't want to lose what I have and I'm not going to keep Groowe installed if a merge cannot be easily accomplished. I emailed them, but the response was not at all helpful.
  • If you use multiple toolbars, this will let you consolidate into 1. I no longer need to have a Google and a Yahoo toolbar - Groowe covers both. There's also a nice toolbar button that hides and displays the toolbar to save even more space.

    My only wishes are that it would include all of the buttons that exist on separate toolbars (like Google, Yahoo, etc.) and that the show/hide keyboard shortcut would work on my Mac.
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