Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Thank you for this sweet little program. My wife is overjoyed. While there are a few little 'quirks' with the program - the most notable is the lack of an "add" button or something similar on the page where you add new grocery items, it seems simply leaving the page and then returning serves the same purpose. Beyond that, it's simple enough for the PC challenged (my lovely wife being one of that group) but not so dumbed down that it's not really useful (the program not my wife - thank you). For those that are impatient, like me, instead of going through the hoops when entering your initial grocery items - which may number in the hundreds - an option is to enter them directly into the database file. By going to the Grocery List Generator Options menu, make a note of the directory where the data files are stored. Using Wordpad (not notepad) open the 'glg_items.dat' file; you'll see the list of grocery items. You'll see that each item starts with a unique number. Make a note of the highest number already being used. Simply add to the bottom of the list starting with the next highest number followed by a pound sign, the category, another pound sign, the actual item and and finally a final pound sign. When you've completed adding to your list, save the file. Open up FireFox, run the add on and voila, all your items are there, categorized and all. You can even easily delete unwanted items this same way - open the file, delete the whole line containing the item you don't want, save the file and it'll be gone the next time you open the add-on. Thanks again for this little gem of a program.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.6.1).