STOP COMPLAINING Rated 5 out of 5 stars

If you are about to start complaining about how "derp, that grease munkie hunky, whosamawhatsit don't update no more?!?!?!" Take a deep breath, and then realize that these add-ons don't make themselves. Furthermore, the good add-ons are usually done by people for free. This is one of them.
Here's the deal, development has been taken up by a very nice developer-type person after it was dropped over a year ago by the previous developer. To clean up the code and connect everything properly takes time (especially when the person doing the work is donating their time, and it is not as important of a priority as... say.... Their job!?!?!?) So If you find a bug, that hasn't been filed yet, post it in the proper place. If you feel somehow entitled to having your "effing scripts effing update!" Go away, do something productive, or bring something to the conversation.