55 reviews for this add-on
  • Please, update to the last Firefox version.
  • Firefox/3.6.24 - works fine

    How to:

    1. Download theme
    Press "Install Anyway"
    In opened dialog copy theme url (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/latest/13347/addon-13347-latest.jar?src=dp-btn-primary)
    Click "Cancel"
    Download it

    2. Edit theme
    Unzip file install.rdf from grayfox-
    Open install.rdf in text editor
    Find 3.6a2pre
    Change like this 3.6.99
    Save it
    Replace to archive (grayfox- new file install.rdf

    3.Add theme to FF
    Open additions - theme (add new theme)
  • please update sir i m a big fan of this theme plzzzzzzzzzz
  • Yup! time for an update... Please!!! Can`t really rate it yet as I haven`t used it...yet!
  • Yup! time for an update... Please!!! Can`t really rate it yet as I haven`t used it...yet!
  • please update for 3.6
  • Please update to 3.6!
  • I'm waiting for the update 3.6. This theme is one of my favorites, i am french, and my english is not good.thank.
  • I'm waiting for the update 3.6. This theme is one of my favorites from the series safari/mac.
  • Fantastic theme, only, the scroll bar doesn't work in the add bookmarks window.
  • 3.6正式版發表了,這個佈景主題能更新一下給3.6版用嗎?這是我用過最好的布景主題!!
  • Very nice indeed. Although sadly, doesn't seem to like Favicon pinned tabs, just fullsize ones.
  • This is a really nice theme! Generally, I like darker coloured themes, and this works perfectly with what I want! I love the Strata40 theme, but the only complaint I have with it is that it's bright white, and I prefer darker. This theme feels a lot smoother, and works really nicely for me!

    Also, I quite like some of the Mac OS X interface (I use Windows), and this theme has some really nice OS X properties, such as the style of the Context Menu, and the scrollbar looking like the one from iTunes.

    Definitely one of the themes I'll keep coming back to. Thanks for putting the hard work you did into it - it really shows. I haven't found a single problem.
  • After I applied this theme, firefox has started crash. What can be the problem?
  • This is such a great theme! One of the best I've seen so far.

    I also have problems with the text in the status bar, but that is only a minor issue. If that were fixed, this would be perfect.
  • Only, WOW! Thank U very much for this!
  • Spectacular. At times there is a little white line on the scrollbar but other than that this is by far the most appealing theme in existence at the moment! Good work.
  • AWSOME! Very very nice theme!
  • This is excellent work. Nice to finally have a clean, stylish theme without having to use one of the Mac themes. Great job. Any interest in porting this to a Thunderbird theme?
  • Very nice theme!!Good job.But here have a little problem,
    There are compatibility issues with the Add-on Personal Menu.
  • One add-on with "2 themes" I think is a bit of exaggeration here; it's just you can see differently styled icons with "use small icons" turned on (good feature by itself though).
    That said, it's a low-profile, simple and stylish theme. No question on its excellent design and I highly recommend it.
    However, it's not completely achieved perfection in functionality yet; for instance, you can hardly tell whether a page is loading or not, just by seeing a tab.
  • Really nice,clean,compat and beautiful theme. Great!
  • Cool! I love OSX style. GrayFox looks perfect on FF 3.5.3. (Windows Vista).
    I use it without icons (only text). Very-very-very clean. Thanks!
  • 真是非常的漂亮啊,期待来一套深色的版本,那肯定更好看
  • Could you please make your theme able to handle the google toolbar. All the icons are pushed up against each other. thankyou