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  • Pretty please, update these themes, with boobies and kittens on top.
  • Would be great to have an updated version of these awesome themes indeed... Any chance you'll be working on this ?
  • We need 6.x version. please update !
  • We need FF 6 version :)
  • FF 6.0 is out, any compatibility hack for this version?
  • I released a FF 4 & 5 compatible version under the name "CrApple" here:
    Got permissions from Arronax... ;)
  • Arronax has discontinued work on this theme, but has provided instructions for Firefox 4 and 5 on the following page:

    Basically, you paste in the stylesheet provided at that link into the Stylish addon (or directly into userChrome.css), tell Firefox to turn off "Tabs on Top", customize the toolbar to "Use small icons", and then re-arrange the toolbar items as you see fit. With Stylish it's actually really quick to set up - definitely recommended. Just choose Stylish's "Blank style..." option so the theme changes show up on any URL.

    Props to Arronax for such a brilliant theme. Still the best Mac theme, bar none.
  • For anyone looking for a version of this for Firefox 4, take a look at larzon83's post (second from the bottom) here:

    You might need to manually move the Home, Refesh and Stop buttons from the right side of the awesome bar to the left to get it to display properly. :)
  • This is the only theme I can use with Firefox. Honestly. I've been beta-testing FF4 for a while now, and love all its improvements, but I'm still using 3.6 solely because this theme isn't available for FF4 yet. Please, please update for compatibility soon. Your loyal (and donation-happy) fans beg you!
  • Best thing going. Well done!
  • How to add more space between favicon and tab text.
    Right now they are too close to each other
  • This is absolutely the best theme for Firefox on the Mac (and no, it's not a Safari copy, it's the result of a sophisticated designer). Any news about a FX 4 version? Arronax, your website seems to have disappeared...
  • Best theme on Mac!
  • This is a great theme, and the only one that doesn't destroy the UI on OS X. The only reason I don't give it five stars is that the tabs list button has not been implemented, which is a big convenience for me. Beside that, the theme is flaweless.
  • Fabulous theme for Mac OS X. Feel like Safari browser. Thank you for contribution your time to make wonderful theme!
  • I love this theme. I like the safari look with all the functionality of Firefox (^o^)... the best
  • Great theme, well done!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Great customisation tips!
  • I love this theme! Thank you so much for making this! Quick question, is there a way to enable persona support while using this theme?
  • A great recreation of a vastly better looking safari. I still like Crisp the best.
  • Really good theme, love the optional customisation tips.
  • The best theme ever! Thank you so much!
  • gr8 i love it
  • I love this! It looks so much like safari, and I love the safari look. Thank you so much!
  • Best of both worlds indeed :)
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