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  • Thanks so much.
  • Great, I recommend it to everyone.
  • it drag my browser slowly
  • As someone who's terrible with grammar and spelling, this extension is a godsend. Sometimes it gets confused and tries to fix something it shouldn't but it usually works and when it suggests something it doesn't need to it's easy to deny or just ignore.
  • oh my funkyness i become a F-R-E-A-K-H-U-S-T-L-E-R-
  • It would be a great add-on if there was a way to only spell check upon request (click on the icon). Sorry but I don't feel comfortable having everything I type sent over the internet.
  • How can this add-on be recommended? Privacy should be the most important thing here, as we type very private stuff inside the browser everyday, but:
    "We may also use this data...automatically collect..log data and usage information...We may share...with our third-party...as otherwise legally permitted..."
    "We only sell it without your name/ only meta-data"? - Yeah, but after three sentences any cheap AI can find the one in 7 Billion, who writes like that.
  • Excellent extension
  • If you have the free version, this works great, but there are some things that you can only do by paying. However, it is far from perfect as some things it suggests don't sound natural or don't work the way it does in the document. Meaning that it will sometimes want you to remove or add a word but it isn't the right place to do that. This still allows work on your part as a writer as you get to decide what is necessary for editing and what isn't based on what it is you are writing and why. I like that the ignore button is there for this reason.
  • I like the extention, tough there is one flaw I've noticed when Using it with Firefox...
    If I rightclick on a word that Grammarly selects to "correct" it there is a 70% chance that the word isn't changed but gramerly pastes the correct spelling at the location where my cursor is... this isn't usefull at all (example, I write "hello, how is you day going" and it should correct you to your, if I would correct that after typing going grammerly would change it to "hello, how is you day goingyour" :/)
    Please fix this bug as it makes the application almost unusable and more of a nuisance than anyting else