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  • Says that I need to sign in, and if I try, I am signed in, but then nothing happens, and it still says I am not signed in? I tried to search their support page for solution - nothing. But many people are having the very same issue.
  • saying that im not logged in even though im clearly logged in
  • I may have been an English major in college but I have discovered rules have changed in the 55 years since graduation. I like Grammerly very much. I may not always agree but more often than not I do.
  • It doesn't work. I signed up and logged in, but it continues to say 'Grammarly is active, but key features are missing. Sign up now to unlock the following'.
  • Good spellchecker but needs an option to run only on-demand. Running it on every input on every page is just distracting and annoying. Removing...
  • Fix your fucking extension, it hasn't worked on half a dozen computers I've tried it on across Linux, windows, and mac
  • let me tell you something, you Install this, you won't need anything else for your grammar. I have Grammarly on both of my Browsers.
    I just wish they add support to every site, cuz right now it's very limited, support disqus plz.
  • Really, A great extension but increase your support for other websites.