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  • worst experience with firfox add on............ its lagging too much .............
  • It is a fascinating service from the UI provided by the grammarly but the add-on auth is not working even after signing up. (Firefox Quantum V65.0.2 - 64bit )
  • heel goed
  • grammarly its fine but in firefox extension its not getting login
  • Rubbish on Firefox!!! I've signed in (and can go to the Grammarly page and it recognises I'm signed in), but I can't use the add on as it doesn't believe I've already signed in. Totally pants.
  • love it i useit on all my stuff phone firefox the best you can get
  • It is a drama queen when you first use it. Then when you accept the guidance it offers you realise that their are times when a bit of help is needed and appreciated. It has helped me.
  • Premium user (paid) here and I the Grammarly Add-on for firefox isn't working. It won't sign in; it takes me to my Grammarly apps/notes page but the plugin itself won't work. Removing and re-installing didn't help.
  • I love Grammarly. It is perfect for me. I am a great writer and a terrible speller.
  • best
  • For new users make sure you "auto saved" all your documents every minute as it freezes and crash your web pages very often. When crashed a yellow bar appeared that reads "a script "Grammarly for Firefox" is slowing down your browser, temporary disable or stop it." If you are lucky only one tab crash, if not all and never respond again. Got to turn off power to restart your computer (very annoying).
  • I don't understand why some people give a 1-star score
    if you know better alternative please share it with us