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  • I absolutely love love love Grammarly. Wish I could afford to upgrade!!!
  • It's the best thing for me
  • Great add-on, helps me get through my work efficiently and quickly. The only problem I have is that Firefox add-ons take a while to install.
  • One of the best lesson-learning, free, spellchecker tools available!
  • I don't understand . It shows my mistakes but offers no fix .
  • Premium user here (Paid) I would like to put only 3 star as your app (the downloadable one) it is not compatible with Linux...

    But I am rating the add-on, so to be fair, yes you deserve an easy 5 star as your grammar and other correction thing are nice, easy to use and is adaptive to website field (most of the time ;) )

    A huge plus for your plagiarism (not perfect though, but very nice already)