1,296 reviews
  • The add-on is very useful. Their services are good. However, this extension is not the best in terms of affecting the user's performance. Google search times nearly double after enabling this extension. Should they optimize this issue, the extension would be amazing.
  • I tried it and uninstalled. It did not catch an uncapitalized first word in a sentence.
  • I am retired and just a casual user of email and the likes. My spelling and punctuation are terrible but ex engineers are like that. Grammarly takes care of all of these mistakes ! It is a great service
  • I absolutely love love love Grammarly. Wish I could afford to upgrade!!!
  • It's the best thing for me
  • Great add-on, helps me get through my work efficiently and quickly. The only problem I have is that Firefox add-ons take a while to install.
  • One of the best lesson-learning, free, spellchecker tools available!