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  • Amazing app it helps you with anything that includes tyyping words amazing!
  • תוספת מעולה, שימושית מאוד, עוזרת בכתיבה של האנגלית למי שלא כותב המון ושכח לרשום נכון
  • Me encanta, me ayuda mucho a la hora de redactar cosas en inglés para clientes importantes.
  • Doesn't work anymore
  • I'm confused! Is this a free use, or are we now going to have to pay for it? I have used this product off and on. At times I downloaded it and it never worked. Now it calls for Grammarly Prime to be offeredat a monthly use.

    Now I find out, that I have downloaded this three times and it has never work, even when I updated it to Grammarly for Windows.

    Now I'm here to download it again for Fire Fox, Will it work this time?
  • "Absolutely Perfect!"
  • I agree with the reviwer who said: In Google Contacts, when Grammerly is active, I can not see my NOTES field because Grammerly conceals it with its badge. It's very irratating to have to click on the grammerly badge to see the note field, which disappears again when I return to the contact view.
  • The most best website
  • Uses 500MB of memory and slows down firefox. Not worth it.
  • This add-on makes Firefox slow at every web page.
  • yes
  • Does not underline or flag mistakes on all pages or forms. The default Firefox spell check does. Bummer.
  • it helps you write and its free!!
  • super useful
  • It seems to have a mind of it's own. Seemed better in the past. Some sites it works partly (GAB), corrects in some places but not others, but says PROTECTED. The library seems lacking from the past. I have it on FIREFOX and it seems to work on Thunderbird, but am afraid to install on WIN or office as I don't trust it. I remember I would Rclk and it worked everywhere. Now not so much.
  • Was working for a day. Now that Firefox updated it is not working well at all. It is jumping all over the place and screwing up words. I can't even put spaces where I want as it makes the cursor move to where the red is and even deleted a paragraph on me. What is going on? I have now disabled it. This is a bad bug.
  • Work, but broke previews from video. Pls, do something with this.
  • Simply does do not do anything. I cannot see any difference with turned on and off
  • It has slowed my email progress. My email is now running slower, firefox is slower. I don't know how to remove it from firefox?
  • Really helops
  • The only things I don't like is the way you keep the misspelled words.
    Most of mine are do to not being a good typist. actually I am a very bad typist and am used to mistyping letters I.E. hitting the key next to the letter I needed.

    As such these errors make me look worse than I really am, since I double check my words. On the other hand your algorithm helps since it is fast, and always correct.

    Also your compilation (your individual rating list) of my input does not seem to take in account of the individual comments, but keeps a running total of errors on my part. I would be better informed if each progress report was independent of previous reports. This would show me if I am improving myself.

    A question, why do some comments using Disqus use Grammarly and others not. Case in point, this is being typed (using Fire Fox) in your review dialog box, yet does not use Grammarly.

    I highly recommend this program, though not perfect it (this version at least) is close.
  • It's working very well but i gave four star cause Dictionary speech had better work in reading mode. ( reader view Control+Alt+R )
    Could you add that speech I will be give 5 star because you're wonderful
  • Grammarly is a great service to correct your mistakes and (hopefully) learn from them, I have a subscribe in their pro plan, and it definitely worth it
  • I don't know why but this Firefox extension doesn't work on Firefox latest version 61. On Chrome it just works fine.
    "Grammarly is active but key features are missing", even if I have a premium account.