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  • Garbag dosnt work with firefox dosent highlight spelling errors only the built in firefox one works but is useless unless you have a slight type-o
  • Always uses it, find little misspelled words sometimes.
  • some time grammerly just sits there... dose nothing... just like right now as i am filling out this review...
  • Grammarly does not allow me to make any notations in Google Contats.
  • helpfull
  • The fact that I can silence Grammarly while I write and then use it to proofread helps to prevent distractions. I do wish that I could save some exceptions that I have to contend with every time I write. Still, Grammarly is a very useful tool to help sharpen my writing.
  • This is the add-on that a lot of get-paid-to-write sites require one to have installed and be using in order to write for and get paid by their site. It's no wonder, because I see so many punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes in text, and on social sites, and even on blogs and websites, it makes me want to scream. AAAHHHHH