Grammarly for Firefox 8.831.1882

Privacy Policy

Full privacy policy is available at Capitalized terms used but not defined herein have the meanings set forth in such privacy policy.

Checking text
When Grammarly for Firefox is initialized in a textbox, the text is sent to us in order to apply spelling and grammar checks. This data is also used to improve our correction system and is subject to the Grammarly Privacy Policy. Grammarly’s “G” icon or a green dot is displayed in text fields when Grammarly for Firefox is initialized. Our Products are designed to avoid password fields.

Sign in and account status
Users can sign in to the Products via the Firefox extension. Once signed in, the extension checks whether the user has purchased Grammarly Premium.

User setting storage
Registered users can save their Grammarly for Firefox settings, including dialect preferences and custom dictionaries so that these settings are synchronized between all Grammarly Products used by the user.

New document creation
In addition to the extension, Grammarly Products have a web-based editor. If a user clicks “New Document”, the extension calls our servers to create a new document for you in the Grammarly web-editor.

Product usage logs
We collect data on how you use the Product in order to improve it. We collect data on which alerts you see and whether you view, accept, reject, or ignore them. We record whether you utilize features of the product such as the pop-up editor.

Unsupported Sites
There are certain sites for which Grammarly is known not to work. The extension requests this list from time to time in order to update which sites not to initialize on.

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