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  • Could you make it compatible with Firefox 4?
  • tema simples mas muito bonito,parabéns e obrigado! :)

    simple but very nice theme,congratulations and thank as lot! :)
  • This was my favourite until it was completely dropped down by the developpers. Too bad.
  • Thank you for updating. I love this theme and have been waiting for an update for so long. :)
  • Thanx for the update Edward. Easily my favourite theme.
  • Please update for 3.6 (and beyond). Not simply my favorite theme--the ONLY theme AFAIC.
    The new version, 1.0.9, is compatible with Firefox 3.6.
  • This needs to be updated for 3.6 I had it for 3.5. Please update it. The iBlu one is getting old, quick!
    The new version, 1.0.9, is compatible with Firefox 3.6.
  • This needs to be updated for 3.6 I had it for 3.5. Please update it. The iBlu one is getting old, quick!
  • Greetings Edward, one word to say, i was just looking out for a theme that will stand out. Very satisfied
  • really nice to look at. well done ed. i was using luminight, but with the ff update it longer worked and i came across this after going through a few other dark themes and finding nothing that really jumped out at me. i am very pleased with the way this theme looks on my monitor. keep up the good work and thanks
  • Excellent theme Edward!! It is an exact match to my global gradient blu css, about blank, and wallpaper(only difference is mine goes dark to light)...what are the odds!! I absolutely love it, I am light sensitive and it is super easy on the eyes.Only issue I have is I cant change the font family or size in the searchbar(yet I can change the font style). I have tried every snippet of code I can think of , url, status-bar and tabs I can change.Oh well no big deal I just hide the searchbar!!
  • Bonjour Edward Mak !
    Je viens d'installer ton skin,sur mon navigateur à l'instant ! Il a vraiment un look vraiment cool et reposant !
    Merci de faire partager tes compétences !
    Amicalement de Lozère (France)
    Hello Edward Mak !
    I have just installed your skin, on my navigator at the instant! It has really a look really cool and resting !
    Thanks for share your competence !
    In a friendly way of Lozere (France)
  • I LOVEEEEE this theme! The blend of blue and black give it a contrast so that it don't look like one boring flat color. I've also got sensitive eyes so the dark color is perfect. Also the creator often updates the theme and they're always good updates! I've used this ever since the first version but I've neglected to comment on it until now when I had to do a system restore and somehow my addons were deleted. Edward you did a beautiful job with this one..
  • hands down one of the most beautiful themes around! For some reason, I have 2 ADP icons showing in Nav toolbar.
    Many thanks for a very nice theme!!
  • Hey Edward Mak: congratulations on a great job indeed.

    Rather than reusing and combining elements from other themes, this impresses me as one of the newest things I've seen in a very long time.
    Very nice.
    Thank you. An update for this theme will come soon. If you want to know more about it, go on my blog: http://gradientstudio.blogspot.com
  • E x c e l l e n t !
  • E x c e l l e n t !
  • This has become one of my favorite themes and the one I use the most. A very simple yet still quite visually pleasing appearance. The blue buttons contrast nicely with the black background. Clean, understated, and efficient. Nice job, Edward.
  • A great blue and black theme. :)
  • This theme looks great!

    The only thing I would suggest is that you change the text highlight color (e.g., like in the URL bar). White on light gray is too difficult to see. Also, as someone else mentioned, the status bar is still the default Firefox gray.

    Can you attach me a screenshot of the text highlight colour please? Because the text colour should be in black. Thanks a lot.
  • So far I think its my favorite black theme. I liked RulerDark but this one is a little better. Thank you
  • Some hook can not display. For example, right click to the stylish button on status bar, and the checked script can not see the hook at front of it.
  • I really love this theme. I'm a black & blue lover but I don't like how the status bar is light gray with separators between the icons.....
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