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  • I really enjoyed this except for the close button on the tabs - it's way too small and annoyingly difficult to close the tab on the first try. If you can fix this problem, then I think it will be the best theme available. Otherwise, it's excellent.

  • I like this theme very much and have had it for some time now. But the newest update (ver. 3.5.2, March 10 2010) doesn't work for Firefox ver. 3.5.8

    Developer response


    Thank you for using the theme. Please use the older version of the theme for FF3.5, it is still available at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/versions/7831#version-3.5.1

  • Love the look, just one grumble - the "close tab" button's way too small and easy to miss on the first click, if the cursor's at all "sticky" it can take 2 or 3 attempts to close the tab. Otherwise great!!

  • Did you plan to release a compatible version for FF3.6?

  • Did you plan to release a compatible version for FF3.6?

  • Your theme for firefox is fabulous. ^.^

    But there's one thing to fix, as you can see from the photos post, the cards are too attached to the top, where there are bookmarks, prints and cards. You can update resolves this bug, pulling slightly between the two parties?

  • I like this theme and wish it had kept pace with the latest version of FF... 3.5. When I used it for 3.5, it works except for the horrendous red shadowing behind the lettering in the tab. Don't like it and it makes the tab hard to read. Can the creator do something about it or post some tips on what to do?

    Developer response


  • I like almost everything except this theme; it's clean, compact, attractive and readable. There's just one thing wrong with it: The changed personal bookmark bar is horribly hard to read. Bookmark menus (or folders if you prefer) are fine. If this theme just left the personal bookmark bar alone except for the new background, it would the the perfect functional Firefox 3 theme, as Modern Pinball was the perfect functional Firefox 1/2 theme.

  • Totally buggy under FF2. Not recommended.

    Answering the developer: So you should change the allowed versions if it is not supposed to work in FF2!

    Developer response

    It is not supposed to be working with FF2 - there is a separate version for FF2 available at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/details/4618


  • Looks good.

  • Hey... Love this theme but it would be even better if the scroll bar matched!!!

  • Best theme to date. Thank you Huji. Highly recommended.

  • the best of all the browsers design

  • schlicht, einfach, .....sehr gut !!!!!!!!
    spitzen Themes , wo der Browser mal nicht in Vordergrund steht, sondern das WWW.
    Schlicht in der Farbe, sehr gut in der Anwendung und Bedienung, einfach sehr zu empfehlen.

    Dank an den Entwickler, und hoffen auf Weiterentwicklung dieses Themes ..............

  • my all-time fave skin. the best by far, functional, lots of space for bookmarks up top where the original FF skin has none, the texture of the skin itself is a beauty.

    i absolutely caNNOT do without this, so thanks for updating it for firefox 3.0.

  • Very well skinned... this theme looks VERY classy. Definitely among the best of the metal themes!

  • Just love this theme. Clean, with a superior look. Keep it up Huji

  • One of the most functional no-frills themes out there. Feels like the author put a lot of thought into the design - very well done!

  • I was happy to see this theme's FF3 update available, as this has always been my favorite Firefox theme. I do prefer the non-shaded text in the personal toolbox area, however, so many thanks and kudos to the creator for providing the same theme with the non-shaded option. You can get it at his site at http://www.freewebs.com/agedwood/GBM-FF3_normal%20font.xpi (there's also a link for it at http://www.freewebs.com/agedwood/)