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  • This is by far my favorite add-on. Sure, I might use a few others more often, but this does such a good job at a complex task. I use it to capture the webpages I want to read. I then load them on my ereader, where I can read them without the eye strain caused by a glowing monitor. I use it daily - it now plays such a major part in my web use. I use it primarily to grab news stories, science articles, wikipedia articles, etc. I also use it to save recipies - makes making a personal cookbook with my favorite recipies so easy and makes trying new recipies simple.
    I don't see much useful in the shared book section, don't let that scare you off as the user-provided content says little about the quality of the script itself.

    Lastly, I found it very helpful to learn how to create "detection rules" to control just what it captures. It nearly always does an eerily good job of getting the right portions of a page, but it didn't grab the content correctly from one paid cooking site I use often. A simple rule I made based on the example made it work.
    Thank you for providing this!
  • I'm very impressed and pleased with this extension- it's exactly what I've been looking for.

    Formatting of the code and pre tags would be nice to have. Additionally, the interface could be improved slightly by making the contents of a book easier to delete once you've downloaded it (some sort of post download hook that says, "Want to empty your book now?")
  • Thanks alot!
  • Fonctionne très bien avec Firefox 12 (bêta).
    Je peux enfin emporter wikipédia avec moi partout !

    Merci !

    Une seule chose : le bouton GrabMyBook devrait se nommer "save" ou "create"... J'ai mis du temps à comprendre.
  • very nice, thanks
  • I just grabbed a few pages of article. I appreciate the ease of use and the good management of the articles.
    But I think it should manage correctly the pre and code tags, very common in computer science technical articles (to show code snippets). In the pre tags, it should not generate p and br tags but respect whitespace and newlines.
    I wouldn't want to hand-edit all these areas...
  • Excellent tool to easily produce your custom epub newspaper from open pages, links and individual posts fetched from rss feeds.
  • Fantastic idea, power-user-friendly implementation with custom Detection Rules. Need a few bug fixed, but this fills a gap that ReadItLater (much as I love it) doesn't satisfy.
  • I am constantly using this software to create files to read later on my Simple Nook. My suggestion of improvement is to solve the compatibility when the homepage has tables. I have to format it by hand.
  • 很棒的epub电子书生成器!
  • Great tool! With some bug fixes and improvements this will be a great addon for people owning an ebook reader!!
  • This add-on seems to work OK when it works, but I've seen several different JavaScript modal warning dialogs since the original release. With this version (1.1) its a JavaScript warning about a null popupNode property when installed alongside Menu Editor v1.2.7.

    I've sent a message to the GrabMyBooks developer via the Contact link at http://www.grabmybooks.com/ and also posted a bug report to the Menu Editor message board. Hopefully this will get fixed sometime soon.

    EDITED to add: I've had an extensive e-mail discussion with the developer and he's assured me that he's looking into this problem. I've upgraded my review based on his reports, and also based on the fact that this turns out to be just a minor bug that doesn't seriously affect use of the program (as far as I can tell).
  • отличная штука! как раз купил e-book и не хватало такой функции еще бы картинки сохраняла