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  • Has many good options. However it doesn't grab very many styles such as centered text, blockquote, and list numbers.
  • This addon really works as advertised.

    If I may request a featured, I wish for the addon to add an option to use a different fonts for reading on My Book page or atleast use arial type instead of times new roman. Times new roman is not good for reading. Nevertheless this extension deserves 5 stars. Keep up the good works developers!
  • Para aquellos que quieren poner contenido en sus eReaders, esta es una gran opcion, para combinar con Calibre
  • J'apprécie beaucoup ce module dans l'ensemble, il est particulièrement utile pour les flux RSS.

    Par contre, si j'arrive à convertir les livres en .mobi, je ne parviens pas pour autant à faire marcher la fonction "Send book by mail" alors que Calibre est installé, smtp.exe bien indiqué, sans oublier les autres options. En effet, je clique sur "Grab my book" mais je n'obiens rien, aucune erreur, aucune ouverture de smtp.exe, alors que je parviens bien à obtenir un ebook sans activer cette fonctionnalité relative au mail. Je précise d'une part que j'ai essayé de m'aider du tutoriel (qui est souvent utile d'ailleurs), sans succès, et d'autre part que je suis sous windows 7.
  • Thanks to this add-on, I can finally download my paywall-protected magazine to Kindle. It rocks!!
  • I use this add-on a lot and store my books which i generated by GrabMyBook in Calibre.
  • They really don't offer any help for configuring for Kubuntu(Linux), all for
    the windozs crowd, even my emails did not garner up help for configuring
    on Linux! Some may say it works in Linux, I don't believe they have it configured
    for full use, a simple example is: where to store your books on the Linux system, and how to do that?
  • Useful.
  • Works pretty great! Took a little while to figure out how to grab just one tab but overall does the job well.
  • It does exactly what said. And wonderfully.
  • Dieses Add-on nutze ich dauernd. Sehr praktisch!
  • Wanted to read a newsletter on my e-reader. Tried many different converters, and none of them worked...except for GrabMyBooks! Images and text are perfectly reproduced. Thank you so much!
  • After purchasing Amazon's Kindle I search for this to read News Paper freely. This is exactly what I want.
  • It is so rare that I come across a truly outstanding addon. This is one of those. If you like ebooks, own ebook readers then this extension is for you.It can easily be used as replacement of time shifting services like Pocket and Readability.
  • Very handy to help you get away from the (computer) screen for reading content. I find an ebook much easier to focus on than browser pages so this helps a lot.

    The regular expression functionality that lets you pick out the parts of the page is invaluable and innovative, but sometimes a little complex. Out of the box it can remove a little too much of the content, but you can fix this by just adding a rule with regular expression:
    telling it to grab:

    You can still specify more specific rules for specific sites if you like, but this catches anything else and errs on the side of caution by grabbing everything. This demonstrates now configurable and nicely architected this extension is.

    So a very minor and user-fixable niggle, about a tool I completely depend upon. This extension is infinitely better than any other approach to this problem (to do the same using Calibre requires writing Python scripts, for example). Highly recommend you try it.
  • superb add-on,thx
  • Easy to use and versatile. This really is a great add-on.
  • It's great.
    I wish the author can add a new feature that allow us to management grabbed pages in category (or books) so that we can add grab pages to different categories and generate different books.
  • Wahou ! Does exactly what I needed. An app for Android doing the same would be great!
  • This is amazing - fast and it saves the articles I want to read on my Kindle - AMAZING
  • Thank you so much, this is a crazy good add on. Work perfectly under Firefox/ Linux. All articles I want to save from website - rss, are savec as epub and i read them later on my pc or ebook reader.
    A must have!

    Could be just nice if we could change the background wall paper
  • This is more than I could have imagined... brilliant!.
    Now, this addon would improve if "My book", "Feeds", "Newspapers", "Grab Tabs" had a url address. That would allow bookmark them, thus enabling access through the address bar, and also, that would fix the incompatibility with "Mozilla Labs: Prospector - LessChrome HD" addon.
  • It works great for me.
    I haven't any issues with NoScript so far.
  • Conflict with the NoScript

    Image not available
  • Awesome :) would be great if it supported grabbing a book from selected links, not only open tabs.