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  • A real shame about this extension. I downloaded and unzipped the now necessary desktop program, but it won't open on my system (the bat window opens for a fraction of a second then closes). I'm looking for the last version that worked for me: 1.8.2 - anyone have a link? The alternative add-ons aren't as good (for me).
  • I search for something like this for months. Works perfect with scientific papers. Now i can read on my phone even when the internet is slow thks to this
  • Use to be a great add-on, now I can't run it, even by installing the latest Oracle Java on Ubuntu-14.04-LTS
  • Hi! I downloaded the zip file from your page which contains the desktop version of grabmybook, but I cant find (inside the zip file) which file have to run in order to install the program. Any help?
    Thanks in advance!
  • An amazing add-on. It works kind of like Pocket or other offline browsers, but grabs the page into an impressively well-formed epub file. The advantage of epub is that it is a very versatile, adaptive format for which there are a thousand different readers, including all the stand-alone e-book readers. This extension quickly became one of my essentials, and I don't know what I'd do if a WebExtension version hadn't become available.
  • porque é completa
  • It worked fine before the update that changed the plug-in to require the "desktop program." Considering that it worked without it, completely contained within Firefox, I consider making an outside program required ridiculously unnecessary and restricts usage to only what operating systems it supports. The plug-in updated in the last two days without my knowledge and of course I had several articles saved, so when I went to access them to see if they were still there, I got that infuriating "desktop program required" notice directing me to a third-party website to download software to keep using what I've been using for months. So that's great, I lost an entire week's worth of reading on top of it. Will be uninstalling immediately.
  • Before the upgrade, it worked perfectly. Now, it requires desktop module and installation of JavaFx
  • Currently the best... but it could still be better.

    This addon has everything I want from a 'download to epub' addon - when it works. Unfortunately, the jar sometimes fails to start with no error messages, and the 'grab link' and 'grab tabs' options also seem to fail randomly; - zirusmusings.com, wwyxhqc.wordpress.com, and cardboardtranslations.com all fail in 'grab tab' or 'grab link' or even 'paste URL'. They *do* work in 'grab page', but man. If you're trying to download a 700-page story, who has time to open every page in a new tab and manually grab them all?

    The addon I was using after Quantum broke this one is much less feature-rich, but it did at least basically let me grab tabs. I couldn't edit the book before saving, though, or set a title or cover art. I might go back to this one, because all that is great, but I'd love to see it be more consistent about grabbing links and tabs. The old version seemed to handle this stuff fine, so... yeah.

    TLDR: Great and feature rich - when it works.
  • This add on was great until they made it necessary to install a additional desktop application.
  • This was my epub web page grabber, But.
    The Firefox (56.0) legacy ext. worked well, could added articles, pictures etc with "Sigil" to my older epubs.
    Now "GMB legacy" doesn't work with Firefox 57.0 => and your stuck with "GMB Desktop" which has to be running first before you can capture with the supposed "EXT." (two downloads to work??) though it does work in my Chrome Browser admittedly, but with the same hastle.
    And don't ask about the withered option menu...
  • I've read thousands of articles on my e-readers thanks to this brilliant add-on. Highly recommended!
  • Have been using this for almost a year and loved it. Until it stopped working with Firefox Quantum (not the fault of the tool). I tried downgrading my version of FF (which worked) but FF always update itself on subsequent invocations (despite about:config prohibitions).
    But today, I found a workaround which worked. Use a FF alternative. e.g. Waterfox.
  • Great extension! I hope you will continue working on it. Thanks for your work!
  • I love this addon, worked soo well, Thank you for this prog, all WE need now is an update
  • Por favor, por favor, por favor ... Please Thomas ... Actualice su complemento a Firefox 57, si le es posible ... Es imprescindible para mi, especialmente la opcion 'Express' ... MUCHAS GRACIAS !!!
  • Firefox just had an update and became Firefox Quantum, I can no longer use GrabMyBooks :-( HELPPPP please... Thank you.
  • (Would be five stars but since it no longer works at all...) I loved this add-on. It was one of my most used. However, since Firefox updated, all I ever get are error messages when I try to use it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled but it still doesn't work. Please fix this as this add-on is the best for creating epub files. Thank you.
  • This addon is really wonderful.
    Just missing an option to allow some section content like pre, code and blockquote untouched, allowing to edit book.css styles in order to get tabulated codding blocks on technical epubs.