49 reviews
  • Functional but awkward interface
  • It's very good.It would be better if you could make it into a download manager.I don't like built in download of firefox.
  • Good
  • My ultimate respect to Mr. Developer. From last one week, I was madly searching for some app/extension to download streaming files of hls and m3u8 type . Thanks to you sir that now I can do that in just a click of my mouse.
  • Works well with multimedia links, but also prevents my banking site from logging in - I assume that this is an accident, not a deliberate act ... Banking site keep refreshing log in page instead of log into my account. When I turn off add-on everything returns to normal. Please answer what is going on if you can. FF57.0.4, WIN10
    "deliberate act " ?!? Grab Any Media is OPEN-SOURCE
  • It can grab any streaming link so far. Thumbs up for me !
  • Could you please implement an option to disable this blue button on every video after installation of this addon?
  • Didn't work for me. Did not recognize almost nothing and it's not exactly user-friendly.
    Stranger Things ...
  • Has a few places it can improve but it replaced flashgot for me on FF 57. Nice work and thanks.
  • A WORKING add on that can replace flashget without relying on external websites!
  • Cool app
  • Very Good
  • Molto utile
  • It can grab just about anything from just about anywhere. Slick interface and the Db feature, even though in beta, it is extremely useful. Pretty weird, it does not have more users..Thank you!