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  • always say "i found nothing"
  • I'm not seeing the value in this plugin. Video Downloadhelper is much nicer as far as downloading videos from a variety of sites with little hassle, as much as that thing could be improved. This plugin has a hard time with people video sites, and it is not useful for sites with several links to media. I thought it would help find those, but it doesn't. Maybe if it could be configured to look for certain file extensions on URLs?
  • The only one addon among many browser that helped me fetch easily the streaming URL.
  • niceeeeeee
  • Works but I tried three sites and it couldn't seem to find anything but webm files which I don't like. All of the files I tried to get that were only webm, I got with another app at 1080p. This app does work just not like I want it to and since I don't like having extra add-ons and neither does my antivirus software I will probably get rid of it, I am gonna hold onto it for a little while first though. Oh well, what I have works it just doesn't get music, that is the main reason I wanted this anyway so I am no worse off.
  • could you add a dark interface?, and please provide an option to disable the blue button that pops up automatically on the streaming video, thanks for your addon
  • Doesn't work with Firefox 65.0.1 I thought maybe it was NoScript but I disabled that and still doesn't work (nothing happens when click download link)
    😂 hemmm nope, Grab Any Media work fine on 65.0.1, enjoy !
  • Great add-on and super convenient. Never failed me so far.
  • 获取网站里的链接非常方便快捷,很棒!!!
  • good
  • Amazing plugin, thank you
  • Straordinario! Grazie! This is an amazing extension, works great!
  • Strength:
    • Open source. If you are not familiar with "open source", it means this add-on is more secure. Because its code is publicly available for review and contributions on GitHub at https://github.com/LeonardoCiaccio/GrabAnyMedia
    • Easy to use
    • Attractive MIT/X11 License. This means the software code of this add-on is owned and supported by a friendly not-for-profit community. Instead of a for-profit corporation. And more secure because its full code is publicly available for review.
    • Works on most websites. Able to download a wide range of media types. From a wide range of websites. Including videos, audio, and streaming videos.
    • Cross-browsers. Available for Firefox, Chromium/Chrome, Opera, Yandex.
    • Well documented. Including a video and website.
    • Periodic updates
    • If it does not find some media files you can use the scanner to potentially find references that are not easy to find.
    • OpenDB feature. This optional feature makes it easier to find hard to find media. To do so you automatically share public media links with the OpenDB. Media links which search engines do not index.

    • With Chromium/Chrome you need to manually install the extension. Because Google blocked this extension from their website. Due to Google's Youtube policy. But this is outside the control of the developer and this add-on. Alternatively it is much easier to install this add-on/extension with Firefox.
  • This is THE single most versatile video/audio downloader browser extension available.
    It doesn't just grab files from a limited list of well-known supported websites, this one is meant to work universally on any website by intelligently scanning everything.

    Mi chiedevo però, esiste un modo per non far apparire il "pulsante blu" con "Analizza - Scarica" che copre i video e li mette in pausa quando ci passi sopra il mouse?
    Se non esiste suggerisco vivamente di aggiungere la possibilità di nasconderlo, perché francamente disturba troppo, è il motivo per cui l'addon io lo attivo solo quando devo estrarre i video e lo disattivo immediatamente da about:addons appena ho finito, però due maroni tutte le volte accendi e spegni...
  • shockingly clever video sniffer -- amazed by everything it catches.
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