Tested with GNU IceCat Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I replaced Microsoft Windows on my TabletPC with Gnewsense GNU/Linux and was pleased to see that the default web browser ("IceCat") works with "Grab and Drag" just as if it was Firefox. (Which it should, since it's based on the same source code as Firefox.)

By the way, to respond to the guy (ander) who was asking, "What's the point", the answer is touchscreens and momentum. "Grab and Drag" makes touchscreens, like my TabletPC, work the way we've come to expect and it's especially handy when I have my tablet screen flipped so that I have no keyboard.

One thing that's missing from the description of this plugin and from most of the reviews is the awesome feature of "Grab and Throw", which this extension calls "Momentum". Say you want to scroll quickly through a page, you just simply release the mouse while you're dragging and the page keeps moving. When you want it to stop, just click the mouse anywhere in the page to "Catch" it. (Of course by "mouse" I actually mean your stylus or finger or other pointing device.) This is so handy and versatile, I actually disable the "flick" gestures which work like page up and page down so that I can scroll the screen even more quickly.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Works great once I disabled press-and-hold Rated 5 out of 5 stars

UPDATE: the fault was mine. Grab and Drag works great once I disabled "press and hold to right click" in the control panel. I still don't understand why Chrome's "chrome touch" plugin works fine without having to disable that option.

So, the only annoyances left are minor wishlist items: flick right should go back in the history, pages should have extra margins so that they can bounce elastically, G&D should disable press-and-hold.

I'm leaving my old, incorrect review below so that other people who have the same problem will know it and to remind myself to have humility next time I feel like reviewing something that "needs improvement."

[This is the old review. please ignore unless you're having problems with Grab and Drag.] Feels clunky. Flicks in particular are poorly implemented. Sometimes a flick will work, but a lot of the time it will move the page only slightly. I have messed with the preferences panel for a long time trying to get it to work to no avail. Sometimes a flick will move the page slightly as if it wasn't recognized, but then 15 seconds later the screen will scroll another small chunk. Clearly a bug.Momentum doesn't "feel" right by default. It is often hard to trigger, even with the settings at their most sensitive. And when it does activate, one can't simply click to catch the page and immediately stop scrolling. Perhaps this plugin is designed for a different device than I'm using - a TabletPC with wacom stylus.Grabbing pages works fine, and I'll probably keep using this plugin just for that, but the lack of proper flicking and momentum is slightly maddening. I may have to switch browsers to Chrome which has a chrome-touch plugin that works perfectly on my tablet. It even has a nice "bounce" effect upon hitting the end of the page. I'd prefer firefox because it is completely open source, however, so hopefully this plugin will be fixed up. My advice to the author would be to remove the specialized flick code and concentrate on getting the momentum working perfectly. Visit an apple store and play with an iPad to feel what is lacking in Grab and Drag.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (