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I Love This Addon! It's funny, I was just playing around checking out different extensions for no good reason, and I didn't think I would even like this on my desktop. I now, however, feel like I couldn't live without it! It is great in conjunction with Tile Tabs because it not only scrolls up and down, but also side to side, allowing for minor adjustments to quickly and easily see the content between web site's sidebars. Great for browsing Google searches in split panes!

When I first started using Linux and Firefox I expected functionality like IE's middle-click, and have missed it ever since. (Just about the only thing I miss...) So I am glad to have this (much better implemented) functionality back!
I do get some unresponsiveness, especially if FF has been up for a long time or I have many tabs (10 or so) open. Clicking on text areas and to stop "momentum" early does not always comply immediately, which can be terribly annoying! Can't say if this extension is responsible or something else.

Also be prepared to do a lot of tweaking to the settings if you plan on using this on a desktop. When I "apply" a tweak to the settings of Grab And Drag it doesn't always "apply" as far as I can tell. This is because if I restart FF after a significant settings change it is very noticeable, whereas before it isn't.

Again, these issues may be related to me, and I do not add them to my rating because of this (I have 66 addons enabled...).

Please keep this updated, and thanks!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (