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  • Discovered via https://redd.it/7d97jq

    A very useful extension, thanks!

    Less than five stars only because the hand pointer does not appear when I right-click.
  • Was a great add-on!

    The nearly perfect replacement is ScrollAnywhere.
  • Good but seems to have a "game breaking" bug - When using this on reddit, If I expand and try to drag a moment after, the MOMENT I release it SNAPS that Page scrolling ALLLL the way to the Top......

    This is extremely annoying - and makes the plugin UNUSABLE for browsing reddit.

    Looking for a better alternative now.
  • Thanks and goodbye! We had a nice time!
  • This is a handy addon which makes the browsing experience smoother and easier.

    Unfortunately not Firefox 57 compatible though. There's two or three alternatives:

    Drag To Scroll (this one's mine)
    Drag On Web
    Scroll Anywhere
  • Until recently, grabbing and dragging the screen to a desired point in the page worked flawlessly -- but now it's as likely as not to jump right back to the top of the page, forcing me to scroll all the way back down to where I wanted to be, past all of the content I've already seen.

    Frankly, I just don't see this extension having a place on my system anymore.
  • Lovely
  • [firefox-esr]
    It works for the most part like expected, but if enabled, whatever text gets selected will get deselected in two seconds. Makes it harder to cut/paste with only the mouse.
    It currently is "Not compatible with multiprocess.".
  • The image link below shows how to force install incompatible add-ons:

    I just use this add-on to grab and drag using mouse middle-button, and it works with no problem on FF 55.0.3 (64-bit)!
  • I have made a new add-on like this:

  • It is perfect but old for the new version of firefox.
  • At first scroll in new tab it jumps back to the top after scrolling.
  • I love this because it really helps to scroll a website with a wacom tablet and a pen.

    Only the "jump-to-top"-bug really bugs me.
  • >left click often move page back to the top

    The same phenomenon occurs.
  • really works nicely. Not perfect. But very nice anyway.
  • left click often move page back to the top
  • You have changed my life!
    I've been using this add-on for years and I'm sorry to see you go. Thanks for a great work!

    PS: I found an alternative add-on compatible with new Firefox called ScrollAnywhere
  • I can't imagine work without this addon. This is first addon I install to the FF. Thank you for keep it up to date.
    But now every first left click move page back to the top. One star down for this annoying thing.
  • Ok
  • Works well, but prevent me to use the context menu, maybe I don't know how to set the options well?
  • Depuis la mise à jour, quand on scrolle, en appuyant avec le bouton gauche, parfois la page retourne tout en haut au moment où on relâche la bouton gauche.
    Merci Firefox... :(
    Je remettrais 5 étoiles quand les problèmes seront réglés.
  • hi
    nice addon :)
    but since a month theres crap going on?
    when i scroll with the right mouse button and then release the button the context menue pops up nearly every time! o_O
    mostly the page jumps to the top and orientation is lost...

    this nerves!
    what can i do?
  • 右键拖拽释放后会弹出菜单。
  • Author, please dont leave us) I want to use scrollbar drag in FF53+
  • Like the two commenters below, the page intermittently jumps back to the top of the page making it completely unusable on Firefox 53.

    Firefox 52 still working great.