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I'm looking the application for quick sharing a low-res photos with my clients and this add-on can certainly help. Working pretty fast...
Only problem, that when I creates test album and shared (emailed) to my yahoo account Yahoo first time for many years told me that 4 attached photos out 41 has viruses...
Is this add-on is safe to use it?

We can categorically state that GPhotospace does not add viruses to the images we attach to emails.

UPDATE: After looking into this issue for a week it is clear that intermitent false virus alerts are generated by Yahoo's virus scanner. The larger the total size of the attachments, the more likely it is to happen. To help avoid this happening to your recipients, consider creating albums with smaller numbers of images and / or choosing a smalle rimage size.

As noted earlier:

With the very kind cooperation of "Photographer from Phuket" we have been able to do some investigation. He forwarded the email to our Yahoo account and we had a close look at what is going on.

On the initial test, Yahoo's virus scanner did report a virus in one of the files. However, when downloading the offending file individually, the same virus scanner reported it as clean.

Subsequent tests on the full set again gave varying results, from no viruses being reported to different files being flagged as containing viruses. In all cases where a file was flagged when part of the set, the same file as an individual download passed the scan just fine.

There are some reports on the Internet about the false positives generated by Yahoo's mail scanner but no clear solutions.

We will continue to look into this - clearly the issue lies on Yahoo's side but it would be good to understand if there is anything we can do to limit these false positives in the future.