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  • can not use

  • I'm looking the application for quick sharing a low-res photos with my clients and this add-on can certainly help. Working pretty fast...
    Only problem, that when I creates test album and shared (emailed) to my yahoo account Yahoo first time for many years told me that 4 attached photos out 41 has viruses...
    Is this add-on is safe to use it?

    Developer response

    We can categorically state that GPhotospace does not add viruses to the images we attach to emails.

    UPDATE: After looking into this issue for a week it is clear that intermitent false virus alerts are generated by Yahoo's virus scanner. The larger the total size of the attachments, the more likely it is to happen. To help avoid this happening to your recipients, consider creating albums with smaller numbers of images and / or choosing a smalle rimage size.

    As noted earlier:

    With the very kind cooperation of "Photographer from Phuket" we have been able to do some investigation. He forwarded the email to our Yahoo account and we had a close look at what is going on.

    On the initial test, Yahoo's virus scanner did report a virus in one of the files. However, when downloading the offending file individually, the same virus scanner reported it as clean.

    Subsequent tests on the full set again gave varying results, from no viruses being reported to different files being flagged as containing viruses. In all cases where a file was flagged when part of the set, the same file as an individual download passed the scan just fine.

    There are some reports on the Internet about the false positives generated by Yahoo's mail scanner but no clear solutions.

    We will continue to look into this - clearly the issue lies on Yahoo's side but it would be good to understand if there is anything we can do to limit these false positives in the future.

  • I had no idea that this kind of thing is even possible, however it is very very cool. Even my mother was able to figure it out.

  • This is terrific! I love how easy it is to create photo albums and share them. No muss, no fuss. This rocks!

  • Awesome! Finally an elegant and straight forward photo storage and presentation system. You folks rock!

  • Wow! Finally a tool which is a natural extension of gmail! I use gmail to store all my important documents and now I can use it store all my important pictures. This tool is amazing.

  • damn! why didn't I think of this....makes it so easy to share my photo's in mail without having them lopped off my a mail server somewhere. Why can't explorer/M$ help a guy out the same way.

    Would love it, if it showed thumbnails for all photo's more effortlessly.

    Still, for an early version, this is fantastic. I bet Google snaps these guys up!

  • work so good...and its all free! have saved my pictures in gmail so i cant lose them. Yes, its a perfect program!!

  • I installed, knowing I will need to give my GMail password to this website that has no associations with Google at all. But I took the risk anyway in hopes this addon would prove to be legit.

    I couldn't find any proof. I uploaded photos into it, but they uploaded in a blink. If high res photos such as the ones I uploaded into this thing took a split second to upload, then why haven't the big name image sites figured this out? It would take me minutes to upload my 3000x3000px photos into photobucket, but this tool did it in a blink of an eye (or less). I do wish there were things that fast but I doubt it. I got the impression that this addon didn't upload anything to my GMail account, all it did was use that same photo that's already on my computer and say it was in my GMail account, which would explain why there was absolutely no uploading time. I couldn't even find any of those photos in my GMail... GMail didn't get notified of any incoming photos/emails/attachments either! They aren't in my GMail!!!

    So what is Gphotospace doing with my photos? Not uploading them to GMail, that's for damn sure. But the real question is if Gphotospace isn't uploading my photos to my GMail account, what is it doing with my GMail password?

    These guys aren't that slick, how long do you expect people to use this addon before they notice that it isn't uploading anything to GMail like it's supposed to?

    I was also wondering, why do I not have my normal rightclick context menu when signing in to GMail via the Gphotospace sign in page? More mystery. With the lack of usefulness Gphotospace has, the risk of giving this website your GMail password is way too high.

    Just use Photobucket or Imageshack, or any other image site out there that supplies you with more than enough storage than you need. Until the people behind Gphotospace can even prove they are uploading your photos into GMail, don't give them your password.

    One last thing, I don't want any developer replies telling me whats on their privacy statement and terms of use and all that. That is useless.

    Developer response

    I will try to address these concerns in turn:

    1. GPhotospace does use your Gmail account. In this respect it is no different from GSpace or Xoopit or similar extensions which also require your login credentials for their features to work. But if you have any hesitation, simply create a new Gmail account for dedicated use with GPhotospace, at least until you have tried it out enough to have a level of comfort with it.

    2. One area we need to improve is in communicating what GPhotospace does. It does NOT store your original files - it stores scaled-down versions of photos. With the default 'small' storage setting, a 3000x3000 photo will be stored as a 300x300 version of the photo at 85% JPG quality - this stored version could be as small as 20K and will indeed upload very quickly.

    3. GPhotospace stores albums on Gmail by creating and sending an email with attachments. This email is sent from you to yourself. But immediately after sending the email, it is archived, in order to avoid cluttering up the Gmail Inbox with emails to yourself. These emails should however be visible in the 'All Mail' view in Gmail. If they are not, this is a bug which should be reported it to our support link so we can track it down.

    4. There's no real reason for not having a right click menu except that the usual choices (back, reload, save page, bookmark, etc.) either have no real meaning in the context of an embedded 'application' or require special handling (e.g. 'back' would need to be handled differently than in a normal web page context). Adding a relevant right click menu is however on our list of things to do.

    5. GPhotospace is simply different from Photobucket and Flickr or other web-hosted solutions. It aims only to provide be a very quick way to share photos with specific contacts via email.

    Do give GPhotospace a shot - it has been used by thousands without problems and we are dedicated to improving it.


  • Awesome. Saves me having to manage multiple accounts. Highly recommend this add-on.

  • Hey this really surprised me.
    I thought that there would be a lot of setup and configuration involved but I logged in and I was ready to go.

    I created an album, uploaded 10 images to it, and then emailed and received the album (or photos I should say) successfully all within just a couple of minutes.
    All add-ons should be as pain free to setup and use as this one.

    I'd recommend to other users to run Firefox in full screen to get a broader overview of your album and to view an image at a larger size.
    It appears that images are automatically resized for displaying purposes but the actual uploaded size is saved when you specify your desired size in the GPhotoSpace settings. So when you are viewing a photo in the standard viewing mode in Firefox and then switch to full screen mode, you will have to click on Previous or Next and then once again click on your photo to refresh the image size. Refreshing the page does not do that and will take you back to the login screen.

    Also, you access the GPhotoSpace options by selecting "Settings" at the top of the page once you login and not through the add-ons manager (which should probably be changed).

    I'd like to see more documentation provided for users to cover issues such as the ones that I mentioned, so that they know that they are not actually logged into a mail.google.com web page, and for other general FAQ.

    Lastly, I'd really like to see an option to view the images at their full size(s).

    Thanks for adding PNG support!

    Congrats on this! I suspect that it will become pretty popular.