Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I Give up.

I tried to give it another go, I really did. I hate giving bad reviews!

This used to be great, now it's not. When I open the player it opens a gray window literally twice the size of my 22 inch monitor...and that's it.

It does this on my Ubuntu 10.04 machine no matter what. It does it with all extensions disabled, and it does it on my 2 day old fresh install of Ubuntu with practically nothing else on it. This happens in FF 3.6.3 and 3.6.6 (yes, I tried both).

I am not going to file any kind of other complaint because before this happened GoogleTube was becoming increasingly unresponsive, as in taking Minutes to open from the status bar, and after emailing a detailed description of my problem via the link on this page I never received a response. I also find no links to any type of support whatsoever.

Thumbs down. Uninstalled. (Again.)


Hello Deadite81,
We're sorry you have some problem with GoogleTube.
This is a known issue with GoogleTube in Ubuntu 10.04.
We'll release a fixed version very soon.
Thank you.