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  • Please update this for FF20 - it has been a god send for me this last couple of years and I'm sorely missing it! Like you, I prefer a black screen to read, much more comfortable on the eyes. 5 stars when it's up and running on FF 20! ;)

  • Merci de retirer cet Add-On de la liste de Mozilla Firefox = cela fait longtemps qu'il ne sert plus à RIEN puisqu'il n'est plus mis à jour. Un grand n'importe quoi !

  • Please release an update for firefox 4.. I wanna save energy for my posterity..

  • Nice add-on! As a side tip, to search in black on your phone I recommend using Black Google Mobile at http://bGoog.com

  • this bad...

  • how do I UN-install google black?

  • How do I UN-install this thing?

  • Another vote for you get this going again please.

    The world needs a Black Google!!!


  • sorry but it doesn't bypass google images dual screen anymore...

  • Hello,
    thank you for this nice addon!
    Would be glad to have an update, so I can keep it.


    Developer response

    Will try to fix this soon. It could take a while if I have to modify some new images though.

  • Please update it's just not very correctly
    So far the best addon as I have been a good idea Google Black
    It's a pity it would not go as it's just very please to update on other developments

  • Excelent add-on, i love it! keep going.

  • Can you extend this add-on to all web pages beyond Google?
    I am a Korean web surfer and it would be cool if I can have all my Korean web pages in black.

  • haha! this is it thank you!

  • better than any "stylish" style! must have.

  • when can we expect to see the ENTIRETY OF GOOGLE painted black? the video search and the shopping search and news and the gmail login screen (my gmail is already black but the login is white)...or maybe just tell me how i can do it...


    Developer response

    Most likely never. The source code for other google pages are more complicated and I couldn't be bothered. It is possible though. You will need to know html, javascript and css. If you want to see how I done it the source code for my addon can be found in the link below. Click "Expand all" in the box titled "mozilla".


  • Awesome add-on!

    Does anyone know the name of the black theme displayed in the thumbnail? I've been trying to find it but have been unsuccessful. Thanks!

    Developer response

    It's called NASA Night Launch. Best theme out there imo.

  • I LOVE IT!!!

    They must have made a change. The keywords that you type into the search field show up WHITE on WHITE over the black background, making it unreadable. Except for that ***** 5 Stars!

  • GRACIAS qezep!! excelente complemento.

    Developer response

    Es un placer... (thank you translate.google.com)

  • GRACIAS qezep!! excelente complemento.

  • yippee, back to black, I have missed it. Thank you gezep much appreciated for updating so quick and for such a fab add-0n..xx

  • 3.6 please! And thank you for this health care addon of my eyes and conservation my akku!

    Developer response

    lol! Check "View All Versions" at the bottom of the front page for a FF3.6 version.

  • 3.6, please!

    Developer response

    I submitted a new version there. Mozilla have a new code validation thing which showed a few security warnings. I fixed the ones from the part of the code i wrote but not the ones that came from the greasemonkey compiler scripts i used. So i dont know if it will go public or not. The new version can be got if you click "View All Versions" on the addons front page.

  • I love google black it's up there with the best add 0ns, please please please can you make it work with 3.6 as i miss it so much.xx

    Developer response

    I can't believe you can still praise this addon with everything thats wrong with it! Got around to fixing most things today, finally! I think the only thing thats left is those new twitter results. I'll need to save the images that make up the scrollbar thing and speech bubbles, write a small program to flip the colours around and replace googles images with mine. Not sure how long it will be in the sandbox after that.

  • qezep que pasó? No vas lo vas a actualizar para que funcione con Firefox 3.6. Es una lástima, me gusta mucho.