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  • Here is a modified version of Googlebar where the ugly transparent-background popup menu is removed: http://www.mediafire.com/?dkdyclm7qyf8bn2

  • 1. Download the XPI file to your hard drive (right click the download button and "save link as").
    2. Change the XPI extension to ZIP
    3. Unzip the file Install.rdf and open it in a text editor (notepad works)
    4. Look for the line em:maxVersion>3.6.*4.5.*5. Save the file and add it back to the ZIP
    6. Rename the ZIP file back to XPI
    7. Drag the XPI file into your Firefox browser window to install the add-on

    this general procedure works for lots of add ons actually...

    ==== someone emailed me and asked me to add this ===

    The Print button is broken. Google uses "books" instead of "print" now.

    Involves updating a couple of lines in GooglebarOverlay.js

    Changed URL "print.google" to "books.google"
    and "/print?sourceid=..." to "?sourceid=..."

    From (note two changes in this line):
    searchURL = 'http://print.google.' + GB_USA_ONLY_DOMAIN + '/print?sourceid=mozclient&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&q=' + crit;
    http://books.google.' + GB_USA_ONLY_DOMAIN + '?sourceid=mozclient&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&q=' + crit;

    and a similar, shorter line before that.

    Also changed print.png to new image of a book (the icon Google uses) saved as 20x20 gif with white as transparent background, renamed as .png.
    Goes in | chrome | googlebar | skin | print.png

  • As it says, Not Compatible with FF4. I didn't uninstall it though. And FF4 refused to open my saved xpi. But just now I installed this theme:
    Office Black :: Add-ons for Firefox
    And after the restart it suddenly appeared. Yay, I love it!
    BTW, after getting Office Black, not only did this Googlebar come back, but so did FEBE, Nightly Tester Tools, CopyURL+, Cacheviewer and Copy All URLs. Maybe more too that I just haven't noticed yet. ELECTRONS!

  • A good tool. I like it better than Google's as it is a bit simpler. Suggestions stopped working though, this is a necessary feature.

  • Compared to Google Toolbar, the good:
    - up-directory works better
    - search words is not case sensitive.

    The not so good:
    - can't get Google Suggest to work.

  • The first thing I tried, dragging some selected text into the search window, did not work as GT does.

    Oh well. I may check in a year or so and give it another try.

  • Better than the previous but Google search Engine is getting dated in comparison to the features that Bing offers. However if your still in love with Google then this isn't a bad search add-on.

  • Good Tools for Beginners in SEO-Working and a good Tool to Trash the Toolbar.

  • Works well. Would like custom searches.

  • Brilliant :o) I am a very happy SeaMonkey user now

  • This new version works pretty sweet on FireFox 3.6

  • This is the best google bar for Firefox ever. I've tried to make the Google Toolbar work as well as this off and on and could never get all the special searches on it that I wanted,. I've been using this Googlebar since it was first made (making it compatible with Mr Tech Toolkit.
    But thank you for making it work for Firefox 3.6.

  • Works with 3.X, here it is:

  • We really need an update for 3.5... The official google toolbar is terrible.

  • apinto2k8's instructions for making googlebar work with FF3.5 are correct. If you're getting the error "install script not found" after following those steps, it's possible your ZIP file creator (WinZip, 7-Zip, etc.) is putting the googlebar files under a subdirectory within the zipfile. The googlebar files (install.rdf, install.js, etc.) must be in the top-level directory within the ZIP (XPI) file.

  • I like this add-on better than the official Google Toolbar from Google. The double-back-arrow button that returns you immediately to the Google search results page is awesome, and that isn't in the official Google version. I like the overall look of this one and its icons a lot better too. Now, can't we get an update that's compatible with FF 3.5?? C'mon fellas!

  • John, could we please, please have an update for FF3.5?
    None of the suggested workarounds have worked for me and I miss my googlebar dearly. It is by far my most used Firefox add-on.

  • Changed the max version and still doesn't work. Says cannot install because of security issues. >:| I hate having to go through all this every single time firefox updates.

  • For those of you using Firefox 3.5, the solution is simple:

    1. Download the googlebar XPI (just Google for "googlebar");
    2. Unzip the file (don't worry, it's really a ZIP file);
    3. Edit the file install.rdf and change the maxVersion attribute value from "3.0.*" to "3.5.*";
    4. Save and zip the file back with the same name;
    5. Drag and drop the file to Firefox;
    6. Enjoy!

  • Fanstastic Add-in. A Must Have. Need a update for 3.5!!!!

  • This by far the best firefox extension out there. It is much better than googles own google toolbar. An update to make it compatable with Firefox 3.5 is highly sort after.

  • An update would be great. This is the best google toolbar around!

  • Life is not the same without my beloved googlebar. Please update it for FF3.5. May you live a long, prosperous and healthy life!

  • This is an indispensable tool.
    Plea for update!

  • This is by far my favorite add on, particularly because of the added google searches that are only available through this bar. I hope it'll be updated to Firefox 3.5 soon. I would've waited to upgrade if I'd known I couldn't use this add on. (That's how much I use it!)