Works great, but not a complete replacement for Google Toolbar Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Since Google officially told Firefox Toolbar users to get bent, I've been looking for an adequate replacement. Sadly, nothing does the job completely right, but Gooblebar Lite handles two important features: Search hilighting and the "go up one level" button.

I realize that this toolbar is intended as a "lite" installation, but just in case others are interested, here are the features of the Google Toolbar that I would love too see (most of which I have been able to set up with a collection of separate add-ins):

- Google Bookmarks toobar button. I currently use the GMarks add-on, which works but whose UI isn't quite as seamless as Google's.

- The sharing button. I currently use Sharaholic to allow quick sharing of links with e-mail and various social network sites.

- The GMail notifier button. I currently use the GMail Watcher add-on for this.

- Auto-completion from Google based on global search history and popular searches. The main Google web site does this. I think the original Google Toolbar did too. I don't think there's any replacement for this functionality.

The other features I like (spell check and popup blocking) are now built-in to Firefox, so they don't matter anymore.

All that aside, Googlebar Lite does a great job at its primary purpose - providing a quick and convenient way to access all the different kinds of Google Search facilities.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (