Rated 5 out of 5 stars

This is a fantastic alternative to the now defunct Google Toolbar, since it seems there will no longer be support for FF5 and later.

I have a question regarding the search history. It appears there's no real logic as to how the search history queries are stored. For instance, a search I did a month ago is still at the top of my search history, and hasn't budged.

How exactly does the search history get sorted? By most searched? By last searched?

Would you be able to add an option whereby we can choose how we want the search history to be displayed? Such as option for sorting alphabetically, by most search, by last searched. That would be great.

One of my favorite features of Google Toolbar was how it stored my search history, so I can go back and forth looking for my latest queries. I believe the original Google Toolbar always sorted by last search made.

Anyhow, thanks so much for the continued support. This is a fantastic add-on I would be lost without.

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