Googlebar Lite 4.7.1

Source Code License

Custom License

Googlebar Lite Licensing Information

Thanks for trying out the Googlebar Lite extension for Firefox. By using this extension, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. Non-Commercial Use Only
Googlebar Lite is a freely available extension for the Firefox web browser, and is available for your non-commercial use only. You may use it at work or home to search for anything you want. You may not, under any circumstances, sell Googlebar Lite or any works derived from it (with some exception; see the source code usage section below for further detail).

2. Source Code Usage
The source code to Googlebar Lite is freely available, and may be used as an example of Firefox extension development. Source code reuse is allowed, provided that:

a. The extension GUID used by Googlebar Lite is not used in your custom extension.

b. Function names are stripped of the "GBL_" prefix (used to uniquely identify Googlebar Lite's JavaScript functions).

c. Global variable names are stripped of the "GBL_" prefix.

d. The name "Googlebar Lite" is not used.

Should you wish to sell a Firefox extension that is based on Googlebar Lite's source code, you must first obtain approval from the author, Jonah Bishop. You may reach the extension author through this contact form on the web:

Citing Googlebar Lite as a source for your extension's source code is encouraged, but is not required.

3. Disclaimer
The author of Googlebar Lite, Jonah Bishop, is not responsible for any harm resulting from your use of Googlebar Lite. This extension is provided "as is" without any warranties whatsoever. By using Googlebar Lite, you are solely responsible for any data loss or damages to your computer.