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  • Отличное дополнения, но перестало верно работать. Переводишь выделенное слово - получаешь верный перевод. Выделяешь новое слово - получаешь перевод предыдущего слова. И так дальше.

  • one of the most useful addons for FF.
    Doubleclick on Word and translation pops up in a configurable window.

    Most important Question:
    Will it work after FF57?

  • This addones is one of the best and important addons for me

  • Translation add-ons: you find lots of them, and most of them are simple, going straight to the subject. It's the features that make a difference. So establish your "requisites" and search for them.
    For my taste, Google Translator has everything I need and been searching for:
    - a quick translation panel activated by shortcut (toolbar button too, but I'm more of a keyb man)
    - text-to-speech WITHOUT handling the function to a Google Translator tab (or I could do it myself with a few keystrokes)
    - translation popup when selecting text
    That's pretty much for me. Of course, I loved the feature of doing in-page translations of some other add-on (can't remember which one), but it became a feature I rarely used.
    Google Translator: light, rich, and straight to the point. Thanks a LOT, Andy - as always!

  • I like it so much but there is an issue with high CPU usage on Linux Mint!!
    If anyone else facing the same on different OS, please report it :-)

  • Works fine!!! Also, i recommmend you to change hotkey for macOS, because the accel-alt-d doesn't work - it is default shortcut for hiding dock in macOS.

  • Дуже зручно

  • Better than the S3 translator. I'm always using this addon and depend on it.

  • 54.0a2 (2017-04-08) (32-bit) Linuxmint 17.3

    Sometimes when I open translator, all my browser go down.

    Plugin very good and useful, but only if author fix this bug.

  • NET Error: Cannot Access Google Translate! Please fix this error.

  • Auf jeden Fall sollten die Einstellungen des Add-ons angesehen und auf persönliche Vorlieben angepasst werden. Sehr gut!

  • What a great feature!

  • No option to translate immediately when selecting a sentence without any trigger key.

  • very good

  • Все отлично работает. Настолько хорошо, что не поленился написать отзыв.

  • Rápido, funcional e com várias opções pra quem gosta de personalizar.

  • Thanks for making google translate more useful. now its become also a dictionary for me, and save a lot of time.

  • I think it would be more convenient if the "Listen" button was in the left or right upper corner of the bubble.

  • really awesome, thank you

  • Спасибо за хорошее дополнение.
    Иногда не переводит некоторые слова, просто отображается, как исходный текст в bubble
    - Не хватает функции выбора собственных стилей для bubble. Если есть возможность, добавьте пожалуйста

  • Extremely useful!!!

  • Have found this very useful

  • All that I need

  • But I have one wish for expanding your functionality:
    need a connection between addon history with translation history in Google Translate. I understand, perhaps it necessary connection through google account and it is impossible for independent developers. I don't know, but I think Google can help in that question for our overall usability.
    I'll definitely make a donation for the work that you have done and the comfort that you have given to me personally. Thank you so much, Andy!

  • I just love it as it helps me a lot , thanks.