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617 reviews for this add-on
  • good work.

  • This little add-on is quite convenient for me. Just pressing the T-Button translates the page (using google) or select + T translates selected portions of the text. Sure, this doesn't always work (i.e. not in javascript driven editors) but I can live with it.

  • I'm really trying hard to like Mozilla. One of the things I missed from Chrome was an instant page translator. Thought this add-on would solve the problem. It doesn't. If you click on the Translate option, it immediately transfers you to the Google Translate page where it takes ages to translate. You are then left with the page you wanted translating, but can't go back to the original site you were browsing (far as I can see). Tested the same page in Chrome - instant offer of translation at top of page and instant translation (still on same website). In my opinion, there's no comparison.

    Developer response

    Hi, you must do something really wrong.If you press page translation, a new tab opens with the translation. I don't understand what ages it takes to translate, it automatically shows up what Google itself would show you.

  • Once the word is translated you can't change it back to the original language ie it changes the web page. If the text translated was part of a link it also disables the link so you cant use that part of the web page any longer.

    Suggest that you change it such that there is an option to change the text only while holding down the Shift +Right mouse button and then the text reverts as soon as the Shift button is released.

    Developer response

    Yes, this option is planned to be implemented. However, there is a way to change it back: refresh the page. The thing you wrote about disabling the link, this all is written in the description field.

  • Way too complicated to translate something,first you have to select the text you want to have translated and then press the toolbarbutton or use a useless hotkey combination.I don´t understand how this addon got so many good ratings.There should be function like auto translation for the selected text.
    I have to admit that my first review was a bit harsh but I tried every translation addon for firefox and not a single one got the functions I wanted.
    Anyway this addon isn´t that bad but still some functions I would love to see:
    1.Translation with one key (e.g.shift or strg)
    2.A hotkey to translate the selected text and a other hotkey to translate the whole site
    3.A function to undo the translation without reloading the page

    Developer response

    Hmm, okay you are really smart. And please let me know, what should the add-on do if you select something to copy it? No. Auto-translation will never be part of this add-on, you have to find some other extension which offers something like that. Btw, what easier method would you suggest to make translating easier? (Don't come up with context menu, it's ugly and harder to use, imo.) And how the hot-key combo can be useless? You can set there whatever combination you want, your hands are not tied.

  • La traduccion esta bastante bien (lo que google puede ofrecer) lo unico que no me gusta es que aparezca la barra de traduccion de google y tu perfil arriba

  • Can be modified to support for Thunderbird -..-?!

  • This is a great translator. Nevertheless, I have a suggestion. What if there was a small button added into the page after the translation which would serve for reverting it back to the original. This would be even greater! Thanks for this extension. :)

    Developer response

    Hi, yes, this feature is already on my to-do list.

  • I don't understand all of the 5 star reviews. I entered this with an open mind and it couldn't even translate the add-on page. The only reason I didn't include a screenshot is my image hoster is down too. What a day!

    Developer response

    Hi, read the FAQ here: . Sadly, Google does not support page translation for https sites, which is not our fault.

  • Good work.Thanks

  • This add-on rate 5 stars.
    "Perfect" that's all I think.

  • Hi, is there any way to contact you? I have a question for you and I don't want to put it on here. Thank you :-)

    Developer response

    Write it here:

  • 支持,还不错

  • I would like it that when the text has been translated, when you mouseover the tranlated text, the original text appears in a window attached to your cursor (or if in the extesion settings, an option is provided for this). This is useful for comparing the translated text to the original, which is necessary when the translation is a little confusing.

  • Simply perfect.

  • Очень хорошее дополнение, Переводит быстро и работает без глюков. Спасибо!

  • A supplement that not missing in my Firefox, useful, easy to use and does not slow my Firefox. I can customize a keyboard shortcut to quickly translate the selected text or just by pressing the right button of my mouse over the selected text I have the option of: Translate selection. Also, if you do not select the text by pressing the right button, this will give me the option to translate the entire Web site.
    It is certainly very useful and customizable.

  • Easy and Usefull!
    One question: Translation of an entire web page (as a logged in user) would not always work. For those cases, I need to log out form that web page and then try to translate it (pressing my HotKey or 'T'). This mostly happens for Job Sites. Why this might be happening? Is their a way around it?

    Developer response

    Hi! Please read the FAQ on . Question number 3 might answer your problem. However, if none of the answers explained your problem then please write in the Bug reports thread on . I hope this helped.

  • Era tudo o que eu precisava! Chega de ter que abrir uma aba exclusiva para o google tradutor e ter que ctrl+c e ctrl+v!

  • +

  • Пользуюсь им давно. Очень хороший транслятор и не тормозит, как некоторые.

  • This add-on is convenience central. I often come across a snippet of foreign text while surfing the 'net, usually on Facebook. Being the inquisitive type, I simply HAVE to know what it means. After highlighting the foreign text, I just right-click on it and choose Translate selection with Google Translate. In less than a second (for say a paragraph) there it is in English (the wonders of Dynamic HTML). No matter what language, it just works. If I come across an entire page of foreign text, I can right-click on the page and choose Translate this page with Google Translate. This saves me a LOT of time and frustration. I used to have to copy and paste either the text or the URL, then go to Google itself, find the Translate feature, then translate it from there ... what a rigmarole that was! Anyway, the bottom line is that I simply can't do without this add-on now =)

  • Only problem is it won't help to understand the translation because it overwrites the words or sentence you are translating. Would help break the language barrier if we could read it in both languages to familiarize and compare one language with the other. This add on will save me from going bald because now I don't have to scratch my head trying to figure out what was written. I think highly recommend this add on.

  • Quando o assunto é tradução esse é o melhor. E mais, até para namorar serve, pense naquela cantada em outras linguas. É show. When it comes to this is the best translation. Plus, serves up to date, think that sung in other languages​​. It's show.

  • Easy to translate foreing homepages.