637 reviews for this add-on
  • Muito obrigado por esta extensão, de todas que testei esta foi a que supriu minhas necessidades.
  • Super prática!
  • Constantly gives a limit of 1100 characters!
  • Doesnt work at all
  • Хотелось бы больше настройки
    таких как горячих кнопок
    Ctrl+F1 Переводит все страницу убирая из контекстную меню оставляя только переводит выделенную

    because "The selected text may not be longer than 1100 characters". no matter how many or how few characters you select
  • Practica
  • p
  • great
  • Bien.
  • No traduce en la misma pagina como la herramienta de google chrome
  • Heel nuttig.
  • Inactif sur Android ne fait pas son boulot de traduction
  • i love
  • no puedo tradduucir
  • Doesn't work
  • Congratulations to the developers because this extension is great.
  • Investigar
  • doen't work at all for the core purpose: translating a whole page like Chrome does!
  • Cheap and lazy implementation. There are much better alternatives to this poorly made addon.
  • The best add on for translating entire page!! 5*
  • Suddenly message: "400. That’s an error" and, "Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request, that’s all we know" appears... Translator does not want to work anymore after updating Firefox...
  • Очень часто при выделении одного слова пишет, что перевод невозможен т.к. символов более 1000.
  • super
  • - Okey..!!!