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617 reviews for this add-on
  • The best add on for translating entire page!! 5*

  • Suddenly message: "400. That’s an error" and, "Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request, that’s all we know" appears... Translator does not want to work anymore after updating Firefox...

  • Очень часто при выделении одного слова пишет, что перевод невозможен т.к. символов более 1000.

  • super

  • - Okey..!!!

  • Años de usarlo y siempre excelente

  • No instala

  • It was excellent and very efficient until Firefox Quantum, but now it often doesn't translate any short number of words, and sends an error balloon saying
    it can't translate because "The selected text may not be longer than 1100 characters".
    A bug that has been lasting since Quantum was launched. This can be checked right on this page on the Chinese review on the 6th position below, the German immediately after, or any other one.

  • Un an après, toujours le même problème.

  • Esta muy acertada el complemento con traducciones más que literales con expresiones y diccionario propio para nuevas palabras

  • Doesn't work properly in Firefox Quantum (64-bit), no matter how much words you seleted, always say that it can't translate more that 1100 words.

  • Simple et efficace... Une traduction de paragraphe sur la page même, sans ouvrir de popup ou même un onglet Google, c'est plus rapide et confortable à l'usage.

    Comme en cuisine, les meilleures choses sont les plus simples. ;)

  • Emerging both prestigious administration is clearly amazing

  • 还没用就让打分.只能保留一分

  • Bisher war ich sehr zufrieden

  • yeni deneyeceyim

  • Doesn't work properly in Firefox Quantum 60.0.2 (64-bit), no matter how much words you seleted, always say that it can't translate more that 1100 words.

  • O melhor que usei até hoje.

  • It worked fine until just recently. Now it doesn't matter how short the selection I still get the same message; I have selected too many characters.

  • I have used Google Chrome translation with just right click the page and you translate...this is a very cumbersome process....Your process: the fact that it opens the translation up in another page drives me crazy...especially when you have several tabs open. NOT USER FRIENDLY AT ALL.

    I would consider going back to Chrome... but many of my Ham Radio sites will not work properly with Chrome... so I guess I stuck with terrible add-on.

  • good

  • Ajuda muito com as páginas estrangeiras!

  • Es muy bueno el de Google, no tengo incovenientes, ahora los tengo a los dos juntos........solucionan los idiomas perfectamente.....gracias.....espero no tenga problemas con Windows

  • Praezise

  • Very readable translations, flows like native English not a direct translation.