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  • doesn't work
  • I tried everything that you describe on your description page about this addon. But it doesn't do anything. Neither it shows any popup bubble when I highlight the paragraph text. I tried both the HTML5 and Google. Nothing happens. I am going to uninstall it. waste of time.
    You should have an addon icon on the addons bar so we can see it and activate it. we don't see any addon. Like a ghost is hidden?
  • Unfortunately doesn't do anything. Highlight text, press button and progress indicator keeps spinning...
  • Works like a charm for me, saves my having to read the browser by highlighting text and pressing a button! Doesn't get much better than that...
  • Doesn't work, highlighted some text, clicked button, nothing happens
  • it helps me understand text despite my catarats
  • I've just started to use the addon. The Google TTS API sounds much better than the HTML5 one of course. But I am immediately struck by the fact that it speaks slower than I can read. So it's great for when I'm tired of reading, but it would be a fine addition to be able to increase or decrease the speed of the voice, depending on the technical difficulty of the text.
  • Clicking the speaker just hangs at loading animation. Also, I can't find any evidence that "morni colhkher" is a real person. The homepage consists of mostly filler text. It is hosted on "MyBrowserAddon" which is faceless and nameless, and has no company info and no login- you have to use a contact form to "start an open-source project"
  • does notz work properly, when the icon appears after highlighting the text, and clicking on the icon, it keeps on showing as if its loading (circular motion) but nothing happens...
  • I can't recall ever using it much - BUT in the Linux eco system (Debian based), it keeps on adding more and more and more "speech dispatcher" streams to the Audio channel / sound mixer.

    And like most frustrating things - there is no way to stop this process of every time open another webpage with readable contents, it opens another audio stream / channel.

    And they do not seem to close down when I shut down the web pages...

    So I'd say this is not actually a fault, as a for instance if I were to open 3 or 4 sets of the VLC media player, I'd get exactly the same thing.

    I'd rather see it as a single program, with branches into the websites, instead of multiples of the same program, going into the different wesites...
  • Doesn't work
  • Its very helpful. Im a low vision person and im really happy that i found this addon!
  • Doesn't work at all.
  • Does not work.
  • The voice is horrible. It sounds like a worsened version of Stephen Hawking's computer voice. 1 Star
  • Does nothing and can't get to work.
  • Literally does nothing
  • Классное дополнение, но понятно что не все еще допилили . Не читает русские сайты и наоборот читает английский pdf файл русским голосом. А если надо учить только произношение на английском очень всем рекомендую.

    Если заменить API c HTML5 на Google, тогда распознает языки правильно. Правда будут ограничения на перевод текста.
  • does exactly what it says
  • I regularly use TTS due to vision limitations. I like this program, but it does not work on all browser loaded pages. It should work on any and all highlighted text. Also I would like to be able to change the voice to other standard voices.
  • Works very well for me; having tried to use the windows narrator and acrobat read aloud, this worked like a dream! thanks.
  • Just doesn't work I'm on Firefox 57.0 on windows 10 app just flat out doesn't do shit.
  • you need to be able to control the speed of the speech. as well as a choice of different voices.
    generally ok but i find it hard to keep up with such a fast speed.
    which defeats the purpose!
  • Никакой АПИ не читает по-русски.
  • Works very nice on windows. I hope to see some improvement in the text highlighting while the speech.