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  • Continuously spams me with unwanted tab whenever I start Firefox. Disabling.
  • It adds itself *invisibly* as a home page, so you get an ad every time firefox starts. Can't control that. Uninstalled.
  • hữu ích
  • Hace muy bien su trabajo, pero no te manda exactamente al mismo lugar que la opción original de Google: en vez de aparecerte una página con un enlace a "visualmente similares", te manda directo a las copias que ha encontrado de la imagen.
  • Клас
  • Very Nice!
  • I've tried other reverse image searches, but nothing comes close to the Google one. Just a great tool overall.
  • Great!
  • Đây là addon tốt nhất trong việc tìm ảnh. Ngoài việc nhanh, nhẹ, đơn giản thì addon làm việc tốt trong rất nhiều trường hợp tìm ảnh khó như:
    + ảnh kích thước nhỏ
    + ảnh mờ
    + ảnh bị đóng dấu watermark
    + ảnh bị crop

    Nói chung 5 sao cho add on là hoàn toàn hợp lý.
  • Love this addon!! It does exactly what it's meant to :)
  • KAY! Originally I just came to say your 'right click example links' didn't work for me, but I could not enter a comment without rating the product, so I installed this add-on and it worked like a charm! A dream, really. I mean, I could not be happier.
    5 STARS.*****

    I clicked an obscure image of 3 vintage Scandinavian plain brown pottery jars on a ceramics website. INSTANTLY a new opened reflecting 2 identical images, of different sizes, from 2 websites NOT the website on which I clicked the image. Google 'search by image' ALWAYS shows the site of the original image, and usually multiple times. OMG I am so excited right now. I search so many images, and use image searches to locate information and new sites - 5 STARS all the way on this. No more typing and searching google image hoping to find a specific image from a website hoping to glean more information directly related to the object, while a million unrelated to unwanted images take forever to load. THANK you, thank you thank you. This is by far the lightest, fastest, most accurate and working 'reverse image search' tool I have tried - and honey, I have tried MANY.

    GREAT job, keep up the good work. i will be checking out any other add-ons created by you and/or this team.

    TO THE CREATORS: this is what I originally wanted to tell you.
    I right clicked all those 4 famous name links & each one came back with this msg: ''Your search - (whichever) - did not match any image results. Reset search tools.'' When I hit reset it changed to a regular google image search, like 'johnny depp'. So you might want to figure out why. It did not show any more sizes, not a single image - not even the ORIGINAL image - I'm still going to give it a shot (5 star rating) but just FYI.
  • I prefer this extension than the other reverse image search engines. It even directs you to the google image page where it automatically sorts by biggest size (when available). If not, it simply takes you to the normal page anyway. Brilliant.
  • This extensioin certainly extends the reverse image search landscape. It's no substitute for Tineye or any one of the dozen or so "search image via Google" gizmos but that's exactly the point.
    Google Reverse Image Search works in a different way from those and that's why its worth having. Add this to your existing "reverse" searchers and all the bases covered (well, pretty much almost).
  • Great extension, no need to use Chrome anymore people :) Thank you so much dev!!!!
  • Works perfect!