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  • Not working anymore
  • Essential to my daily use.
  • Works, but it's very slow, compared to other similar extensions that are much more fast to open the Google search page
  • The speed for opening a page should be improved, but good addon, does the job, find similar images, and it's faster than going to Google image search page. I read another review saying it adds itself as a start page, no, I don't have this problem.
  • Significantly worse than other reverse image search add-ons available for Firefox, as well the reverse image search built in to Chrome. Always takes several seconds or longer to open the search page, when it works at all.
  • Ok
  • So easy to install. Exactly what i wanted. Thank you!
  • Je n'ai rien trouvé de meilleur ! Excellent !
    Best add-on to find similiar images. Great job!
  • It just doesn't work. When I right click on an image & select the Reverse Image Search button, nothing at all happens - no new tab, nothing at all.
  • Открывается https://www.google.com/imghp?sbi=1 с "Поиск по картинке. Используйте для поиска в Google изображения, а не текст. Перетащите картинку сюда". Естественно, без прямых ссылок на результаты поиска. Firefox 59.0b10 x64, Windows 10.
  • Sucks.
  • Addon tốt, nhưng thời gian chờ mở tab khá lâu (2 đến 3 giây)
  • Continuously spams me with unwanted tab whenever I start Firefox. Disabling.
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