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  • I loved this add-on, so I refuse to rate it lower than 3 stars. That being said, with no support for e10s it is pretty much useless at this point. Please update this add-on so that it is compatible with Multi-Process. I don't have much but I will gladly make a small donation and change my rating once this is done.
  • Please add support for multi-processor
  • This is an important privacy measure, and it is well done, too. A shame it does not work with e10s!
  • One of those apps that makes about as much sense to an average PC user as most income tax forms do, so next to none at all, in other words. I'm a PC user, not a technician, or engineer!
    It's their job to make stuff that you don't need to be one of them to be able to use, isn't it? You don't need to be a mechanical engineer to drive a car, for example, although if this lot made it you'd need to be a Formula 1 mechanic just to get it out of the car park!!!
    'Google' + 'Privacy', I was clear up to that point, however, from there on in it may as well have been written in Klingon, or Dalek, Welsh, whatever?! It was completely undecipherable, meaningless, no use to this PC (untrained, non-professional) user whatsoever.
  • The right to privacy allows for AdBlock and encryption. Google undermines privacy... all google "free" services are far too expensive
  • It is far good for us to surf our stuffs in a secured manner
  • very essential addon, recommended!
  • I especially like checking the option to have all the links converted by default, versus utilizing the "private" links.
  • For a while now I feel like I have one privacy add-on too many.

    I have "Google search link fix" and "Google Privacy".

    They basically do the same thing and Google Privacy seems like a better choice in all areas, except one: it doesn't support link-fixing for yandex.ru and yandex.com.
    And that's why I currently have to have the other extension installed.

    I'd really like Google Privacy to add support for yandex.ru and yandex.com, so I could keep only one privacy add-on.
  • I would like to give 5 stars but it doesn't work always for Google international sites. For example, try to Google Japan, than change the search language to English or French, and for many links the Google header is still there (www.google.co.jp).
  • One problem though: The small icons do not show at all whenever a (Google) search result's header line is longer than a couple of words... Would be great to have an option to place them to the left of the search result instead of to the right!
  • Great, but a tiny bit slow to replace links. Sometimes I middle click a bunch of links immediately after the results page loads, and unfortunately those tabs are not always opened.
  • This addon is great - search engines do not need to know what you click on. Thank you!
  • This add-on is great ! And nice other suggestions in the description.Would it be possible to let us know if this add-on become obsolete one day, or in case of any doubt about its efficiency ?Thanks for sharing, donation to come :)

    EDIT : Thank you for your answer, your commitment and your generosity to protect our fundamental right to privacy on the web !
    Because I'm using relying on this add-on myself, I'm trying to keep it up to date.

    But of course I'm not using all supported sites with the same intensity - so we might miss some updates.
    So if anybody notices misses - please feel free to report! You'll find the support link on this add-ons homepage (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/addon/google-privacy/)
  • Nice but somehow messes with Outlook (using Firefox 24, Windows 8). The mail options (Reply, Delete, Archive, Move...) disappear from the top bar and are replaced by a single red "privacy violated" icon. Those options reappear once Google Privacy is disabled.

    EDIT: thanks for the tip, disabling gPrivacy for Bing worked. I didn't report this bug from the main page because it seems to require a Google account, which I don't have and don't want (and isn't this requirement a bit odd for an add on meant to stop Google tracking? :D)
    Well, this is not really a place for bug reports (the support link is right on the add-on page), but as a temporary measure you could try to disable gPrivacy only for 'Bing', while we check this. This should disable it for all the Microsoft websites, including Outlook.

    EDIT: Yes, I know about the Google account requirement - but there's no way to change this on Google Code. But sooner or later we'll migrate to github...
  • This add-on is great! It makes easier making them harder to track you :) I love it, but, a great enhancement would be that the links become replaced by default just for all those people that never gets on the preferences or settings ...
    If I would change the defaults, Google might have this add-on taken down or at least keep changing their tracking code.

    People who don't like the default will hopefully find the preferences...
  • Awesome Addon... No other can match the quality of this.
  • Good job, please keep this addon forever :D
  • Works really well. Needs only one adjustment: I've got au-revoir-utm installed, and now the modified links have the utm_source and other utm_crap components present.
    The utm method is also a sort of tracking, so it needs to be removed. :)
    Personally, I don't use au-revoir-utm, so I can't tell.

    But the problem may be, that there's no way to tell, which add-on gets to handle a page first. You could try to uninstall au-revoir-utm and re-install it, so it _might_ get called after Google Privacy and handle the links properly.
  • Can safely surf the web from sites that support is recommended
    English is not my native language, too. But what Google Translate makes of your comment is certainly less than perfect. Here's the translation:

    'Can safely surf the web from sites that support is recommended'

    Is that what you meant to say?
  • Corresponding to ccTLD, anything does not have a complaint.
    It's perfect.
  • Super pratique. On gagne du temps.
    Bravo. Et Merci.
  • thx for this useful add-on
  • if only google could be coerced to respect user privacy ... but then how would they profit?
  • It works now. But Google still will not let me log on to search. No big deal. GMail and IGoogle still work.Sometimes making me fill out a capcha before letting me on google search
    Using a proxy (e.g. Tor) sometimes makes Google think you're a bot and asks to fill out a captcha.

    But this usually has nothing to do with Google Privacy!
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