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  • Could you please make it work on the android version?
  • does not work.
    Download the PDF file to the Download folder instead of displaying it.
  • Why you seprate Google PDF Viewer from Google Docs Viewer?Combine it!
  • The idea is good but it doesnt seem to work for me since the awful default pdf viewer opens the document.
  • Opening PDFs inside the browser is crucial for maximizing my workplace efficiency. When I made the switch to Firefox Quantum yesterday, I spent way too much time googling ways to open PDF documents within the browser. It's my understanding that, due to security concerns, recent browser updates eliminated the option of using Adobe plugins within Quantum (except for flash, IIRC). With this simple extension, my search for a solution has ended at last! This extension immediately worked as expected, unlike several others I tried.

    I was already logged into my gmail account, so there was nothing to set up to get this extension working; I simply added the extension and boom!

    Also, as cliche as this is to say, I never usually leave reviews for any product but I felt compelled to show my appreciation for this one.

    Thanks, def00111!
  • Great Extension! I use it on my mac! This is save me a lot of time! Thanks a million!
  • noch schlechter als der integrierte .pdf-viewer!
  • What does this have to do with Google? It's not clear at all.
  • preview unavailable
  • Tutto OK
  • Ok
  • تجربه تازه ست
  • As a default, I prefer the viewer that's integral to Firefox … but that's a comment on Google's product.

    (Google's 'Open original' button bears an upload icon, which is counter-intuitive; and so on.)

    Opting to open the original allows the PDF to be viewed in Firefox.

    I can't fault this extension. If ever I want Google's viewer by default, I'll simply enable the extension.
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