97 reviews
  • No longer works :-(
  • Sorta works, but NoScript shows it still wants to redirect me. The link looks clean, but I have no idea if I'm routed thru google or not. I would prefer it better if NoScript wouldn't indicate that I'm being redirected if I'm not.
  • Don't works anymore. Such an extension should be updated ASAP.
  • Finally, a fix for Google's evil empire and their redirect. Thank you!
  • Doesn't seem to work anymore.
  • Thanks for your hardwork
  • Does not remove the redirect, even after restarting the browser
  • Nice idea and strategy!
  • I can confirm that as of May 27, 2018, this addon doesn't work. This is useless. Report this addon for removal.
  • Doesn't work. Try "Remove Google Redirection" addon instead!
  • This worked at one point, but has since stopped working.
  • It's only supposed to do one thing, and it doesn't even do it.
  • Does not work! :/
  • Currently doesn't do anything.
    I recommend Skip Redirect and Neat URL.
  • naaaaaah, doesn`t work anymore......