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  • A must have for Internet Marketers. Helps me save a lot of time and effort to get actual website ranking results for various countries.
  • If you want to see search results as if you were searching from different countries then this does the job. Needs some configuration if your needs are over and above the top half dozen English speaking countries but it's not difficult to do.
  • I agree with an earlier review who said it doesn't work when you search within the same state. I was just trying to find local searches in different zip codes in the same state & I kept getting the same results regardless of what zip code I entered. It only seems to work for other countries.
    This issue is/should be resolved in the latest version.
  • finally! a quick and easy way to check google results by country. we have a number of clients in different countries that require geo-targeting in their SEO and this tool makes it a breeze to check results. well done, redfly!
  • Unless I'm missing some fundamental step, this extension only works when comparing country-to-country. I installed this to see the results as my client in another state would see them, and it is giving me exactly the same results. Even a search for "restaurant" in different zip codes brings up the same results - the ones for the city I'm in.
    This issue is/should be resolved in the latest version.
  • Thanks for this very helpful addon. The ability to check google results quickly and without personalization is critical in our job as an SEO firm, and Google Global enables that with the click of a mouse. Just eliminating all the messy parameters in the Google search string is a breath of fresh air. Letting us customize the countries that we want to be in our list of countries makes the process of searching quicker and more streamlined, without needing to know the country codes ourselves. Having the new search results open in a new tab is convenient. Keep up the good work!
  • I love this Add-On/Extension. Easy to install, configure and use. Best of all it saves me Soooo much time as I manage multiple (21) sites, all in other countries than mine. For SEO and Marketing this has been a godsend.
    *** Disclaimer. I have always been a big fan of RedFly however this review is based on plugin usage and results.
  • Incredibly useful tool for international search marketers, particularly if you want to view your PPC ads and natural rankings in the same way as a local would... highly recommended and well done Red fly!
  • I have to say this is a truly great add on application. Only a few years ago I was paying a lot of money to see how my Google adwords were working in other countries. Now I am promoting www.feelfatfree.com to American customers and can see all the work at a single click. Thank you everso much, Peter...
  • I'm delighted with this plugin. It works beautifully. I'm in the UK and for the first time I'm able to see US results (I've tried other methods but this is the best). I'll be launching sites into the US market soon so this is very timely. Thank you redflymarketing!
  • Great tool. As a Canadian web marketing firm we use this Google Global to view client ads, campaigns and SEO results from the US, UK and other major markets that we service. The extension is very stable, has a light footprint and saves the hassle of setting up IP proxies.
  • Just downloaded but it seems to be a great add-on. Add-ons are the unique feature of Firefox and this one is one of the best. Congrets !
    I havn't used it as I just downloaded it but sitting here in India and seeing how my page is ranking in say Australia is fantastic. I would definately write a review after using it a bit.
  • Like it a lot. Seems to work well to me. Never crashed. I am into Internet marketing, and it lets me see what results folks are seeing in their own countury - mainly google.com, when I am in the UK. Nice.
  • Fantastic plug in. These guys are bloody great, its made searching different googles a breeze. I live in Australia work in Haiti and had Google home page set to Google UK. I wanted to find a flight out of the US but I wasn't able to change Google to Google US it kept sending me to Google Haiti.
    Installed this and problem solved....get it its a real time saver..