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  • Otimo para pesquisas globais
  • If you are doing research this Add-on is very very useful. Please, update to Firefox 57
  • Please update the extension for Firefox 57
  • It is great for the average person that google localizes results, but the internet is not a geographical location and it is tools like this that allow us to work together globally to improve the quality locally
  • I highly recommend this especially if your client is in a different country.
  • Ok this looked like a useful addon. But on an up to date win 10 with latest Firefox on my PC it did nothing. Absolutely zilch, nada, whatever.
  • DELETED It's nice to to be able to search by region but the ANNOYING button won't stay where I put it on my toolbar or menu. Every time I restart FF, it's back adjacent to the go back button. It's not needed often enough to take up precious space on my toolbar. When I can put it in my menu instead of the toolbar, maybe I will reinstall.
  • It's really useful
  • Results shown are always the local result no matter what region I choose. Firefox 36.0.1.
  • Very useful.
    Especially with the advanced options.
  • This new introduction of Google Global is a good supported browser especially when it's hard to transfer to certain websites.
  • This addon make easy to do SEO from different countries which is very effective. Well it takes time to make a addon for a new version. We are waiting for the latest version.
  • Good plugin worth trying.
  • And I went into preferences for Extensions in Firefox and nothing happened when I clicked on it. Clearly, from someone else's comments, this doesn't work on the new Firefox. It would be really helpful if you provided a fix for this.
    Right click on any Google search result. It's in the context menu.
  • Last week, using Mozilla Firefox 29.0 (the latest version),
    I installed it. But after several attempts, nothing happened.

    What could possibly go wrong? I have:
    - JavaScript installed
    - Cookies enabled
    - Flash 13.0 installed
    - Java 7 (u55) installed
    - And I don't "Block pop-up windows"

    Within my frustration, I decided to install it on Google Chrome and it worked.

    But I'm still curious as to why I failed to install it on Firefox, because it worked just fine before, until I had my Windows reset.

    I did my final attempt a few minutes ago, and it is working on my Firefox now!
    I didn't even change any settings. O.o

    Why don't you give another shot?
  • Great extension. One issue: I try to move the icon to the addon bar via "Customize...", but upon FF restart, the icon relocates to the URL bar.
  • And I suggest you check the date my review was posted, over 6 months ago! V23 WAS the current version at the time.

    Maybe pay closer attention to your review page, too.

    You told me way back then that you'd check it out - I even sent screenshots.

    Now using FF 27.0.1, but I uninstalled your extension 6 months ago, so it's irrelevant to me now.
    I did check it out and I couldn't find a problem. The extension is free and on the install page, it states that there's no support. If it's not impacting everyone...

    It's a free and OPEN SOURCE extension. If I provided support helping people fix their installs of Firefox, I'd have no time to do you know, real work and/or develop the the extension further.

    Thanks for the review. If you write one yourself, let me know.
  • Does not work at all. Pressing the options button freezes the Firefox window, requiring a restart. Used to work once.....still does on Chrome...but not Firefox.
    I've looking at live install stas here and it's working for everyone else. Probably a conflict with another extension you're using.
  • Works really well to see search results from other countries without going to the hassle of using IP re-routing software!
  • it's great, but i hope for language "filed" can be more than 2 charactors, there are zh_CN and zh_TW that can be be enterered, which standards for Chinese Simplified (Mainland China) and Chinese Traditional (Taiwan).

  • Great tool - been happily using this for quite a few years. It is simple to use and does what I want it to unobtrusively and without fuss. Thanks!
    Thanks Bob!
    If you have any feedback on how to make it better, please let us know.
  • New to using this tool, but finding it invaluable for my business!
    Glad you're finding it useful.
  • This addon makes the job of an SEO easy by searching the keyword in a specific country. You should use it if you are into internet marketing and wish to check the keyword ranking of your site in a specific country like google australia, US, UK etc.
    Thanks Nancy!
  • This is a top-notch add-on and I'm so glad I found it. Here's how I use it:

    Especially the fully customizable Advanced Options field is worth checking out, because this lets you append any Google search parameter to the query. Use this feature to filter results on the fly, by one or more languages (&lr=lang_xx), by country (&cr=countryXX) and even boost results from a particular country (&gl=xx). You could also filter by publication date range.
    This immensely improves the precision of your queries. Any Google search parameter can be used in this way, so it's useful to keep a list of current Google web search parameters at hand.

    Couple of suggestions for improvement to consider:

    1. for quick access, assign hotkeys to Google Global search queries

    2. add customizable date range searches, e.g. "past three months", where Google Global automtically substitutes the mdy values for startdate and today's date:
    &tbs=cdr:1,cd_min:[startdate m]/[startdate d]/[startdate yyyy],cd_max:[today m]/[today d]/[today yyyy]

    3. Add auto-lookup lists for Google search parameters and values, such as country codes, interface languages, search result languages etc.

    The Google Global add-on works like a charm on Firefox beta v. 19.0.
    Thanks for such a fantastic, in depth review and use case.
    Drop us a line if you feel there are more features we could add that would help.