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  • Otimo para pesquisas globais
  • If you are doing research this Add-on is very very useful. Please, update to Firefox 57
  • Please update the extension for Firefox 57
  • It is great for the average person that google localizes results, but the internet is not a geographical location and it is tools like this that allow us to work together globally to improve the quality locally
  • I highly recommend this especially if your client is in a different country.
  • Ok this looked like a useful addon. But on an up to date win 10 with latest Firefox on my PC it did nothing. Absolutely zilch, nada, whatever.
  • DELETED It's nice to to be able to search by region but the ANNOYING button won't stay where I put it on my toolbar or menu. Every time I restart FF, it's back adjacent to the go back button. It's not needed often enough to take up precious space on my toolbar. When I can put it in my menu instead of the toolbar, maybe I will reinstall.
  • It's really useful
  • Results shown are always the local result no matter what region I choose. Firefox 36.0.1.
  • Very useful.
    Especially with the advanced options.
  • This new introduction of Google Global is a good supported browser especially when it's hard to transfer to certain websites.
  • Really useful. Thanks!
  • This addon make easy to do SEO from different countries which is very effective. Well it takes time to make a addon for a new version. We are waiting for the latest version.
  • Good plugin worth trying.
  • And I went into preferences for Extensions in Firefox and nothing happened when I clicked on it. Clearly, from someone else's comments, this doesn't work on the new Firefox. It would be really helpful if you provided a fix for this.
    Right click on any Google search result. It's in the context menu.
  • Last week, using Mozilla Firefox 29.0 (the latest version),
    I installed it. But after several attempts, nothing happened.

    What could possibly go wrong? I have:
    - JavaScript installed
    - Cookies enabled
    - Flash 13.0 installed
    - Java 7 (u55) installed
    - And I don't "Block pop-up windows"

    Within my frustration, I decided to install it on Google Chrome and it worked.

    But I'm still curious as to why I failed to install it on Firefox, because it worked just fine before, until I had my Windows reset.

    I did my final attempt a few minutes ago, and it is working on my Firefox now!
    I didn't even change any settings. O.o

    Why don't you give another shot?
  • Great extension. One issue: I try to move the icon to the addon bar via "Customize...", but upon FF restart, the icon relocates to the URL bar.
  • And I suggest you check the date my review was posted, over 6 months ago! V23 WAS the current version at the time.

    Maybe pay closer attention to your review page, too.

    You told me way back then that you'd check it out - I even sent screenshots.

    Now using FF 27.0.1, but I uninstalled your extension 6 months ago, so it's irrelevant to me now.
    I did check it out and I couldn't find a problem. The extension is free and on the install page, it states that there's no support. If it's not impacting everyone...

    It's a free and OPEN SOURCE extension. If I provided support helping people fix their installs of Firefox, I'd have no time to do you know, real work and/or develop the the extension further.

    Thanks for the review. If you write one yourself, let me know.
  • Does not work at all. Pressing the options button freezes the Firefox window, requiring a restart. Used to work once.....still does on Chrome...but not Firefox.
    I've looking at live install stas here and it's working for everyone else. Probably a conflict with another extension you're using.
  • Works really well to see search results from other countries without going to the hassle of using IP re-routing software!
  • it's great, but i hope for language "filed" can be more than 2 charactors, there are zh_CN and zh_TW that can be be enterered, which standards for Chinese Simplified (Mainland China) and Chinese Traditional (Taiwan).

  • Great tool - been happily using this for quite a few years. It is simple to use and does what I want it to unobtrusively and without fuss. Thanks!
    Thanks Bob!
    If you have any feedback on how to make it better, please let us know.
  • New to using this tool, but finding it invaluable for my business!
    Glad you're finding it useful.
  • This addon makes the job of an SEO easy by searching the keyword in a specific country. You should use it if you are into internet marketing and wish to check the keyword ranking of your site in a specific country like google australia, US, UK etc.
    Thanks Nancy!