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  • please update the app to support firefox 57+
  • very good
  • It doesn't work in apps like basecamp to preview linked word documents as the document previewed is a html landing page which requests login details
  • convenient
    supports every common document type (even postscript!)
  • As I said, works great, the way I want a PDF viewer to work, with choice of views, download button, and so on. Only one caveat, and it's for Firefox users: in its settings, "open in new tab" doesn't work, it always opens in the same tab. This may be because Firefox allows you to open any link in a new tab by clicking the middle mouse button (or wheel) instead of the left button, and this may be overriding the Reader's setting. So for Firefox users, if you want the PDF to open in a new tab, just click the link with the middle mouse button as usual. Displays great though.
  • Works ok- i just can't see the point. Foxit [older versions only!] works just as well, as has far more manipulation tools.
    the point is 99% of time I need just good enough features to let me have a quick glance on files, without even bother to load up a large codebase. :)
  • Works fine with FF 36.0.4.

    Please, do not abandon! It's an essential add-on!
  • Doesn't work for me. It isn't actual a bandwidth issue. For a ZIP file was returned by the Google that actually there would be no content to view, but there is. And an annoying popup wasted my time I had to confirm opening. Make an option to not confirm file types. Useless addon, take it down ASAP and improve it first. You wasted my time.
    Oftentimes such a problem is caused by files that are inaccessible by public. In other words, Google Docs doesn't have an authenticated session to unlock the files, and as a result shows an error.
  • When I google "test pdf", first link, I've got :
    You'd right click the hyperlink and choose "Open link in Google Docs Viewer"
  • googled "how to learn recorder", 7th hit was www.tarleton.edu/~boucher/RecorderLesson.PPT, this add-on opened sadly some gibberish :(
    I clicked and got redirected to below:

    It looks alright to me. Was it due to other issues like unstable networks?
  • Overall, great plugin.

    A great addition would be usability for private documents. This could be handled by downloading the document, then instantly uploading to Google Docs.
  • Works fine, everything ok!
  • If you could make this for thunderbird and make it work with the extension thunderbrowse, that would be great
  • A standard great word processor along with a whole office package
  • Works as advertised, couldn't ask for more. Thumbs up.
  • Good, simple, clean layout.

    MUCH better rendering of PDF images than my existing PDF viewer.

    Not so good: "Download original" button reverts view to my existing PDF viewer, where the original file can be downloaded. Would improve the experience if clicking the download button accomplished the task without leaving the Google Docs Viewer.
  • So useful, when navigating the "alphabet soup" text formats...thanx.
  • firefox下用ask搜索引擎不会显示pdf文件,不如ie关联adobe直接打开。先要看链接是不是pdf,然后右击打开。比Reviews for Ebook PDF Search Engine and Viewer Toolbar简单点
  • bad so bad
  • Sorry, doesn't work on Firefox 12 (Kubuntu 12.04).
  • So this App only works for docs on line that you are currently viewing through a browser (including non-Chrome browsers)? If that's the case then my question is irrelevant and thanks Adon for clarifying this for me.
    yes, only work for those online docs.
  • This is a great addon except that, it would be great if you could have an option to make it a default viewer. Just one click on the link and it automatically opens up.
  • Using adobe reader to view .pdf files uses too much CPU usuage but this add-on does the job inside firefox so is convenient and helps CPU usuage a lot!

    And it can even do more!
  • It's very useful, especially when using Firefox on a Mac. It would be nice if there was an option to automatically use "embedded mode" in the settings - I currently have to add "&embedded=true" to the end of the url to activate it.