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  • Does the same if I simply type in google.com - opens Google search for my country :( I have to use a bookmark for the real google.com, that is works. https://www.google.com/?gfe_rd=cr&ei=zsmYV4XdDOiv8wf0rYHACw&gws_rd=cr

  • Ok, its all works, thx ;)

  • It's the only way I can add Google to Firefox, so good job. :D

  • Was looking for Google search engines by default on Firefox but couldn't find it. thanks to this plug-in. working good.....

  • Works but it's annoying that I had to even install this.

  • Mozilla on Windows allows Google to be the default search engine. On Mint 17 Google is not even available to be set. I believe this is coming from the Mint programmers, not from Mozilla.
    This is an under-belt hit from Mint. Mint tried FORCING the community to their WILL.
    The main issue is ethical. WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE SUCH UNETHICAL PEOPLE ARE DOING that we don't know about.
    The saying says "Your security holes are the people you trust". In this case, Mint programmers. I don't trust them, I removed Mint.
    The plugin worked though.

  • Worked fine, thanks.

  • Pardon if i am wrong but i see a silent war between google and firefox - example google adwords does not load on first go on firefox - and new firefox update will not set google as default search engine to open in a new tab

    Who will win the battle - Sorry but in battles either one stands neutral or takes sides. In this one i have to move to google and chrome as the browser of choice.

    Firefox, i had loved it for last so many years simply because internet explorer was buggy n source of viruses and chrome was still not matured - it hanged up on many a web page connections.

    I cannot write in words how an adherent fan of firefox i was. But Now, using firefox is irritating and the only way to fix my frustration is to bid good bye to firefox.


  • When my 10 year old granddaughter got infected with a browser highjacker this saved me a lot of time after discovering that it had deleted all of her other search options in both of her computer profiles. I still have to put back more options but at least I can search now with a "clean" search engine on her computer. So far, it's working just like it should. :)

  • it does what it says
    thanks yahoo but no thanks
    thanks clement and the whole linux mint team but no thanks

  • Best search engine !

  • The real dark net is google

  • This plugin will hold me over for a few days. I've been using Firefox for many years, but I won't use Yahoo under any circumstances, so it's time to find a new browser.

  • Leave the search the way it WAS I hate this crappy new stuff

  • Good plugin to defeat the new Yahoo default search engine. Mozilla, WHY OH WHY are you resetting my search engine every time you update! RESPECT MY PREFERENCES!

  • nice, i like

  • I tried to add it but it would not allow me to. Does anyone have a suggestion. Is it only for PC's?

  • Does what it says, adds Google to Firefox on Linux Mint and sets it as the default.

  • Hello Google search with suggestions.

    Goodbye MINT search.

  • Somehow Ask became my default search eng. No matter what I did, I couldn't get rid of it. I had tried dozens of suggested remedies w/no luck. This add on fixed the problem in minutes.

  • I spent an awful lot of time searching for a way to change the default search engine to Google for address bar and search bar in Firefox that comes with the latest version of Linux Mint (17). Finally this add-on did the trick. Thanks.

  • A worthwhile add.on.

    You could also try uninstalling the Mint Firefox build and download and instal the official Mozilla build if there's other things you are unhappy about.

    I w

  • I was trying out Linux mint and .... what the heck? No Google option? Even their 'add more' page just had Google Scholarship.

    I kept catching myself typing a search in and wondering why it wasn't working right. Just a few clicks and Firefox works correctly again.

  • Google spies on your every step and then creates priority in search results based on the information they gathered about you. In other words they give you the information you would like the world to give you. That's not objective.. that's unwanted and evil. No more Google syware for me.