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  • Generaly working well for me, but there's probably sort of a time zone problem: I'm seeing full day events the whole next day (or is it a reload problem?).
    I'd like a feature for clicking on events an directli access them...

  • My impression was wrong, Google Calendar Notifier is still buggy. Either it is not able to connect until a restart of firefox, either it displays events from yesterday as today-event...

  • I just found this and I really wanted it to work but I couldn't get it to. I have FF 3.5. Hope you update it soon.

  • No longer supported. Won't work for google hosted domains

  • Ideal para no llegar a ninguna cita.

  • This is one of my favorite extensions. Very useful!!! I can tell in a glance how many appointments I have coming up.

    I hope Nicholas will find time to continue working on it.

  • This thing only shows events that happened in the past.

  • At least now it runs in FF3; aren't notifications supposed to pop up?

  • At least now it runs in FF3; aren't notifications supposed to pop up?

  • There is currently no other way to monitor calendar events without opening a tab just for Google Calendar. Unfortunately, this extension will probably never update again. (See developer's site.)

  • I would love to see this extension updated for FF3. Thanks

  • Verry nice add-on. Used it every day till the FF 3 came out. So waiting and praying that there will be a good release for FF 3 verry soon.

  • I hacked the install.rdf of the extension to allow it to run in Firefox 3, and am hosting it on my blog. Doing this is much less risky than disabling compatibility checking for the entire browser.


  • I am not too terribly thick, but danged if I can get this thing to pick up my calendar. Button displays ok at the bottom of my firefox page...if anyone posts instructions for noobs like me, post info! Thanks, as developer provides no support presently.

  • As the author wrote you`ll have to disable compatibility checking - see authors homepage ;-) For me it works.

  • oh i saw the page of the author, and he said that he will not update this extention any more, pity...

  • Great extension but when will the 3.0.* version be available?

  • This addon has been dropped by the developer with perhaps one final update currently being pushed through. Here's to hoping someone else picks it up or creates something similar since this is the only addon that offers this type of service.

  • Please update "Google Calendar Notifier" as it is not compatible with official release of Firefox 3.

  • This works for me! Thanks for creating it.

  • Please an urgent update to Firefox Beta 5. This is a very useful extension

  • There is tons of bugs in this extension (especially regarding correctly displaying the times and thus reminders) and virtually no support or development. Unfortunately it's the only extension that works with Google Calendar notifications I could find, so I'm still using it, but I'm eagerly waiting for an improved, better version to popup somewhere.

  • My notifier is behind by 7 hours, so although it works correctly, given that, it does not tell me what's happening today until after 7 am, which is annoying for me.

    As for the author's insistence that you resolve problems on his forums, I could not register; it said I needed to contact the forum administrator without giving any information on how to do so.

  • Nice addon, but sadly shows the dates incorrectly, and even missed out on some events entirely, even though I refreshed for 30 min.
    Saw in your forums that others were having this problem too, but this was not yet resolved...

  • This is really a handy little add-on. I'm using it on both my Windows and Linux systems.

    Having said that, note that there's a somewhat different version available for Linux. Visit the author's Web site and track the Linux version down; it works...