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  • One of the best Firefox addon.

    Now it don't work.

    Please keep it alive!
  • I've been pleased with Surf Canyon for at least a year.

    In the past few days Firefox began displaying this message:

    Error: 'navigator' getter called on an object that does not implement interface Window.

    Disabled all Add-ons, incrementally re-enabled all with restarts as needed until finally traced it Surf Canyon. Doesn't seem to have anything to do with a FF update current version is: 35.0

    Please help.

    Developer response

    Good news! v5.4.0 fixes this issue and it was just approved by AMO. Just click the download link if you don't have it already.
  • When I click on page 2 or 3, etc in Bing search results it goes to http://www.bing.com/null

    If I disable Surf canyon it works fine.

    Developer response

    This issue is resolved in v5.4.0.
  • La verdad que muy bueno
  • In order to be fair, I tried searching without Surf Canyon and with Surf Canyon and did screen shots of both results-they were exactly the same. When you first install Surf Canyon, as with all new add-ons, webpage for Surf Canyon shows up in a tab to enable you to see how much Surf Canyon helps. When I removed and then added back in, I was not able to access that screen and when you hit options in the add-on manager, it says to go to my.SurfCanyon.com to set preferences-which I did. No difference and no icon to tell whether or not you are actually using the add-on. I apologize if I am missing something but I didn't see any difference with or without.
  • I love Surf Canyon! It makes searching with Google a physical possibility rather than a philosophical exercise in futility. What good is a search which returns millions of hits, with the most prominent being "bought and paid for", rather than the most important? Some of these show up at the top of the lists no matter what you enter in Google. For example: if I search for "useless crap", there will be a prominent link for eBay saying "buy useless crap on eBay" which is obviously not a true "hit", and one which I believe eBay would not like to stand behind. It should not even be in the list. I can get around this with search canyon, as I can get around other problems as well.

    Good Job! Keep coming up with programs like this one and you will top the ratings hands down very soon....

    (I wrote this review when I was using a previous version but forgot to put it here. The review describes this year's version as well, as it's even better! I'd like to see the options setting put within the program itself, rather than on a web page, but I understand why they chose the web page, as it allows changes and fixes to be done quickly and flexibly, so I'll just get used to it.)
    Larry Holmes )
  • Excellent add-in but the preferences are buggy. The preferences are not stored in cookie as I originally thought, but everything about them annoys me. The Surf Canyon icon displays in my status bar despite the disabled preference. The Surf Canyon mail icon (who could possibly want this?) likewise displays in my address bar despite its disabled preference. And since I have to constantly reset the preferences, why can't the add-in menu actually *open* the preferences page the same way it can open the Surf Canyon home page, which I have no use for? Raising an alert that tells me the address for preferences is better than nothing, but why can't it just open the page? Anyway, the basic functionality is great - so 4 stars for an excellent but buggy add-in.

    Developer response

    Thank you, Gary, for your feedback. We constantly test our Preferences and have been unable to replicate your issue. Perhaps something else is blocking the functionality. Please contact our support (http://www.surfcanyon.com/contact.jsp) and it will be our pleasure to work with you to resolve this issue. Thank you again and we look forward to earning the 5th star.
  • Excellent niche,

    The effort to improve Google is one of the most sought after fields in CS.
  • 不错的搜索插件!
  • a helpful tool.
    It would be nice if you guys integrate it into Kwiclick addon. I don't think the recommendation system works in the pop-up search result window of Kwiclick.
  • I have used surf canyon for a long time and LOVE it!

    However . . .

    The most recent update seems to be the source of some problems I have had since installing it.

    I disabled it and the problems went away, I enabled it and they came back, so am now disabled and hoping to see an update soon.


    1. java script errors on Google. I could still use it, but kept getting that annoying little drop down every time I went to a new page.

    2. pages would not refresh with the refresh button - sometimes would refresh with a double click, but never with a single click - had to navigate away from the page and come back to get it to refresh - sometimes even had to close the application and re-open.

    As I said, I LOVE surf canyon, so hope a fix is forthcoming.

    I will be reporting this bug in the proper section.

    Developer response

    Hello Alice - We're thrilled that you're enjoying our fruits of all our labor. We weren't able to replicate, so if you wouldn't mind, could you please tell us if you're seeing these issues with our latest v3.1.2? If you wouldn't mind contacting us directly using http://www.surfcanyon.com/contact.jsp so we can work with you on this we'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  • I LOVE Surf Canyon, it makes searching SOOO much easier! Cuts out millions of tons of useless links.

    One thing I don't understand (not a prob, necessarily) is, the default image-search seems to be set on Bing.

    If Surf Canyon were a babe I'd marry her! :)
  • Especially in an age of search overload and giant search engines degenerating into just a giant spam auction( ONE reason why I now am down on Google and use other search engines- especially answers.com for information) this one helps sort through the trash and get you relevant results! I put it in my "Apollo! Pack!" collection and I am recommending it!
    if you see that picture above, left of the phrase "Improve relevancy by..." Would someone please tell me what extension is used in that picture that provides an "X" to your Google Results. I had it, but carelessly deleted it and really want it back. I cannot find it. Please advise, thanks!

    Developer response

    Just an update that we worked to take care of this issue over email. We're always available at http://www.surfcanyon.com/contact.jsp.
  • Probably THE best search engine add on ever created.

    This add on is perfect for students that have homework online or for people that have to do heavy research.

    By bringing up results buried deep into the search, it saves time trying to dig through hundreds of pages trying to find relevant results.

    The biggest con is that the results only appear on the first page and clicking to other pages will expand the first page (or sometimes do nothing at all).

    Overall: Highly recommended
  • This is an EXCELLENT add on! Not only does it save me time by bringing forward relevant results from way back in the pages, but it also helps refine the search by zeroing in on what you really want to find.
  • Surf Canyon allows me to find results that were hidden or were too far down in the rankings. Plus it adds great thumbnail photos on Craigslist.
  • Surf Canyon is awesome. It should be built in to the search engines or something b/c it helps get to stuff you'd never find. Absolutely necessary b/c it saves time by discovering results you had no idea were out there. I don't know how it's done, but I don't really care. It works great. I love this add-on.
  • adds for all file firefox Google for may wepsite video,game,image,and all file
  • The short story is: If I could not use Surf Canyon with Firefox I would not use Firefox. My loyalty is to people not brands. It is exhilarating to find a product such as Surf Canyon that is run by well mannered intelligent people who are always willing to listen. It reinforces in me my belief that not all of the best creative and intelligent programmers and developers work for Google,Firefox or Microsoft that all have their fair share and so does Surf Canyon
  • I love Surf Canyon. It's drop dead simple and it works just as the developer says: I did a 2 part extensive review on my blog (timesavingtutorials.com). It was a no-brainer to install the extension on chrome and firefox.

    I use Google and Bing as my search engines and rarely go past page 2. Using the surf canyon extension on Google I was able to bring up germane results on the first page that normally would be on Page 35

    If saving time on searches is important then grab the easy to use Surf Canyon extension and start saving valuable time.
  • I'm used to start finding relevant results for my searches to start between 1 000 and 2 000 items from what is initially presented.

    With Surf Canyon installed, if there aren't any relevant results on the displayed page, there is no way to dig deeper. Of the ten searches I did with Surf Canyon, nine searches returned results that were not relevant. Of the single page that did return a relevant result, the only relevant result was listed twice (Same URL).

    If I could give it zero stars, I'd do so.
  • 5 stars. The perfect search assistant
  • Surf Canyon ROCKS! It's simple and hassle-free, but it would be nice if it showed a safety ranking for the sites it digs out. Otherwise, I've been using it for quite awhile and it has saved me from getting 'square eyes' trying to search for something specific.
  • clearly they are trying to add value but i don't find it useful. actually seems to slow me down. I can think of several ways that a search could present better results without refocusing my attention, such as posting optional results off to the side and not as indentations within the current list. not recommending as a needed add-on unless your not finding results with regular searches and want to try something new.