34 reviews
  • Good add-on. Please add google groups
  • Works OK if a little slow first loading. It needs many more Apps on the drop down menu. I'm returning to Firefox after using Chrome so need the App links.
  • Tidy, customizable, light. Thanks!
  • Great add-on. Seamless integration. Hoping you can add Google Podcasts app soon!
  • Very limited. Only 9 apps. No (visible) options to add more
  • Handy. Looking forward to availability of additional Google apps.
  • The first click on the button after browser startup shows the icons veeeeeery slow.
  • I want to customize the list of apps, you left off some of my choices, also 12 apps would be better.
  • Works great
  • It's powerful add-on that allows you to stay on Firefox instead Сhrome. More customized options (little more than 9 items, drag and drop icons in options instead type-write.., add icon from icons list) will make this addon perfect!
  • Nice. Is that possible to add feature Export / Import application list? Many people use several computers. Also there is the lack of applications. That is why only four stars.
  • It'd be much better if u can add some more room for more icons
  • the icon is not visible in dark themes.
    i miss Google Keep.
  • Cool
  • 不错不错
  • Nil
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